Trudeau thanks National Post editor Jonathan Kay for helping write his memoir


The National Post and its Comment Page Editor, Jonathan Kay have some serious explaining to do after Liberal leader Justin Trudeau officially acknowledged his help in writing his ‘memoir':


This would be an extreme case of questionable journalistic ethics and blatant conflict of interest and the National Post/Postmedia and Kay need to come clean about what role he played in writing this for Trudeau – immediately.

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Trudeau outs Media Party members for helping write his ‘memoir’

kay 1

The Media Party is in full-campaign mode pimping Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s memoir with fawning, fluff interviews but the Star’s Susan Delacourt may have slipped up with this gem:

The actual writing of the book was a group effort. Trudeau sat down with various interviewers (including the National Post’s Jonathan Kay), and then the taped recollections were sorted by editors and advisers. (see here)

So, either Trudeau ‘stole’ these Media Party members’ news material which, led by the CBC is colluding to keep from the Conservatives (see here), or they gave it willingly to help him ‘write’ this book.

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CBC’s Rick Mercer lies about the Conservatives on air, again


The CBC ran out one of their in-house ‘comedians’ to go after the Conservatives after the CBC was exposed creating a potentially illegal media cartel (see here) but Rick Mercer only ended up confirming his anti-Conservative bias and further destroying any credibility he had left:

This from University of Toronto Law Professor Ariel Katz:

katz mercer

Would love to see the Conservatives sue Mercer for calling them thieves.

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Ottawa Press Gallery member runs photo depicting Harper as Hitler

rabble 1

The Media Party save their outrage when it comes to defending their political leaders from ridicule but when one of their own calls PM Stephen Harper a murderous dictator (see here) or posts a photo of him giving the ‘Nazi salute’, they look the other way:

baglow rabble

This is not the first time the fanatical Rabble website has portrayed Harper as the mass murderer Adolf Hitler:


It is far past time for the Conservatives to push back at the Parliamentary Press Gallery that accepts members (see here) like Rabble.

Also: See earlier post on how the Media Party hide that NDP MP Libby Davies’ wife runs rabble here

Law professor says CBC possibly broke the law over Conservative ad boycott call


We all know that the real reason behind CTV, CBC and Bell trying to stop the Conservatives from using news footage (see here) – it’s about protecting Liberal leader Justin Trudeau but the CBC may have stepped over the legal line according to University of Toronto Law Professor Ariel Katz:

katz media boycott ads

Not only has the Media Party fallen hook, line and sinker after being baited on this by the Conservatives, they have potentially broken the law in doing so.


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