The Media Party do their best to bury Wayne Gretzky’s endorsement of Harper


Canada’s greatest sporting legend and probably the most recognizable public figure came out in support of PM Stephen Harper but you probably never even knew about it.

The perfect example of how the Media Party buried it is this example posted by the CBC titled “Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko will visit Canada next week” where this is added at the bottom of the small story:

Harper made the announcement at the United for Ukraine Gala Dinner hosted by the Canada Ukraine Foundation. Wayne Gretzky also spoke at the fundraising event in Toronto. (see here)

For more examples, check out this Google news source where you’ll notice Gretzky’s name is never mentioned in any of the headlines (see here).

The only news organization to let us know that Gretzky called Harper one of Canada’s greatest PMs was Sun News (see here).

But if some crazed washed-up, rock star like Neil Young criticizes Harper, the Media Party are somehow all over it – funny that huh?

Edmonton Journal columnist tweets her dismay that new Education Minister is Christian

simons 1

This from Edmonton Journal columnist Paula Simons is the perfect example of a journalist not being able to hold back their bias and bigotry as it’s so close to the surface:


Simons would say the same if he was a Muslim right?

Update: Simons’ Postmedia coworker Licia Corbella writes a column on this titled “Albertan’s anti-Christian bigotry is shocking” and even uses Simons’ tweet as part of the column but refuses to name her as the one who said it (see here).

Liberal MP says there’s goodness in ISIS terrorists who behead journos


Liberal MP Ted Hsu continued to confirm how soft a Trudeau government would be in dealing terrorism with this tweet:


Expect the same non-reaction from the Media Party to Hsu as they did with Trudeau’s comments on letting convicted terrorists keep their dual-citizenships (see here) and his star candidate Andrew Leslie calling Israel a war criminal (see here).

Calgary Herald reporter who ignored Hamas supporters chanting “Heil Hitler” at Jews runs ‘Muslim hate crime’ story

stark 1

Imagine the level of nerve it takes to witness pro-Hamas demonstrators yell Heil Hitler at Jews like Calgary Herald reporter Erika Stark (see here) and even after massive international pressure, still refused to admit it but then turn around and write a story on one of the biggest media whore’s un-witnessed account of being assaulted:

A prominent Calgary Imam was reportedly attacked by a woman while on his way to lead prayers in the city on Friday afternoon.

Imam Syed Soharwardy said he was walking from his car to the Genesis Centre in northeast Calgary when a car struck him from behind.

The woman who was driving the car got out and started shouting at him, calling him a terrorist and saying he was a threat to Canada. (see here)


Now imagine the newspaper that would continue to employ an unethical reporter like Stark.

Where CP runs two blatantly unethical anti-Conservative stories on the same day


A couple weeks ago I got Canadian Press to address their reporter Michael MacDonald’s omission about his story’s source being a Liberal candidate (see here) so I’ll be looking forward to their response to these two stories from today.

The first is from Dean Beeby who writes on a petition from Lefty university academics whining about the CRA audit of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives:

One of the group’s organizers, economist Mario Seccareccia at the University of Ottawa, says the letter tapped into enormous frustration with the Conservative government’s hostility toward academic research. (see here)

Beeby omits mentioning Seccareccia is not without a conflict of interest on this:


The second is from Murray Brewster who uses a well-known anti-Conservative, Errol Mendes for his story’s source:

“What I think is starting to happen now is the realization that they can basically shut down any democratic debate to anything that could be embarrassing to the government,” said Errol Mendes, a constitutional expert at the University of Ottawa.

“That is the way an authoritarian government behaves. (see here)

Besides being a rabid Harper-hater, Brewster omits mentioning Mendes is a Liberal Party donor and was a Paul Martin adviser (see here)

mendes iggy

So, will CP correct or sweep under the carpet?


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