Calgary Police finally admit no officers were present at violent pro-Hamas rally

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It was blatantly obvious that the Calgary Police lied about having officers on hand to deal with the pro-Hamas demonstrators Friday eve (see here) and now 5 days later, finally admit it:

Spokesman Kevin Brookwell said while a police presence was in the area, they were not directly on site as they were when a more peaceful rally was held a week earlier.

“We didn’t have any officers there at the beginning,” Brookwell said. “We have to balance between too much police presence and not enough — it’s our job to keep the peace.” (see here)


Normally when a police force is caught lying like this the media will demand answers but since this violence was by a group in which the media sympathize, Calgary Police chief Rick Hanson can rest assured he will continued to be shielded by them.

UN Special Rapporteur lashes out at my post on Liberal candidate attending pro-Hamas rally


Ask yourself why UN Special Rapporteur Leilani Farha (see here) cared enough to try and discredit me in the eyes of Conservative Senator Linda Frum and Conservative Minister James Moore:

farha un

As a United Nation representative, it’s in Farha’s mandate to defend Liberal politicians from being criticized for who they are associating with?

Invited speaker at pro-Hamas rally in Calgary calls herself “Palestinian fighter ready to fight and die”


Invited as a featured speaker alongside Liberal candidate Darshan Kang (see here) to the violent pro-Hamas demonstration at Calgary City Hall on Friday was Ala’a Hamdan who was the former president of the University of Calgary group organizing it, Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights.

Hamdan is known to Calgary Police and National Post reporter Jen Gerson (see here) when a pro-Israeli group filed a hate-complaint against her for this Facebook post:

Ala'a Hamdan

The Calgary Police were caught lying about their preparedness for this Hamas demonstration (see here) and we see now that the media were complicit as well – lying by omission.

Federal Liberal candidate spoke at violent pro-Hamas rally in Calgary


Alberta Liberal MLA Darshan Kang who will be running for the federal Liberal Party (see here) was a featured speaker at the anti-Israel rally (see here) in Calgary that turned violent:

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights — a University of Calgary club — and Justice for Palestinians organized the protest, which began at 6:00 p.m. Organizers sent out the invitation on Wednesday, the day before Israel began its ground invasion.

“Now it’s just a lot of anger because the amount of dead has gone three-fold since last time we protested,” Hamdan said. “We’re here to tell our government that they should be calling for a ceasefire which they aren’t doing.”

Speakers included SPHR president Ala’a Hamdan, U of C professor Arthur Clarke and Liberal MLA for Calgary-Skyview and federal Liberal Party candidate Garshan Kang. (see here)

Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi isn’t the only politician who needs to be asked by the media about this (see here) as now Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has some serious explaining to do also.

h/t Rob Rheaume


Video: Calgary Police caught lying about violent pro-Hamas demonstration preparedness

hamas calgary palestine

Not only was Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi MIA since last evening’s violent demonstration by Hamas supporters (see here) the Calgary Police were no where to be found at the start and then, lied about it.

From the Calgary Herald last night:

Without any visible police presence in front of City Hall, there were two skirmishes between Palestinian and Israeli supporters as victims reported being trampled, kicked and punched.

Police later arrived en masse, shutting down part of Macleod Trail to contain the area while demonstrators cried, screamed and tended to injuries. (see here)

The Calgary Police press release today:

This was an emotionally charged event and the Calgary Police Service was prepared and responded immediately. We also called in additional officers to ensure the safety of everyone involved. (see here)

Yet this was previously contradicted by their spokesman:

Insp. Cliff O’Brien “Obviously, it’s impossible for us to anticipate that there would be some serious altercation with crowds when generally we see peaceful protests,” (see here)

And as this video perfectly shows the assault on the Israel supporter by the Hamas supporter:

There wasn’t a cop in sight.






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