NDP’s Charlie Angus wants RCMP reviewed on Duffy charges – Attawapiskat and Chief Spence, not so much


Politicians like the NDP’s Charlie Angus have no shame:

The NDP is asking Canada’s director of public prosecutions to look at the evidence collected by the RCMP in the Mike Duffy case to determine if charges should be laid against other people as well.

The Mounties have filed 31 charges against Duffy related to his housing and travel expense claims, accusing him of misspending more than $200,000. But Charlie Angus, the NDP ethics critic, is wondering why others haven’t been charged. (see here)

But back when he was confronted about the massive corruption occurring right under his nose:

When asked to comment on the as much as $250,000 salary Spence and her husband were reportedly paid in the fiscal year 2010-11, Angus, who has stood in solidarity with Spence, refused to comment, instead taking shots at Sun newspapers and personalities.

“That’s bull—-,” he told a reporter. (see here)

Yup, that the NDP’s Ethics Critic. 

Trudeau’s family friend Fidel Castro calls NATO “Nazi SS”


It is well-known how tight the murderous Communist dictator Fidel Castro has been with the Trudeau family including attending and embracing Justin Trudeau at his father’s funeral:

trudeau castro

And the creepy love-letter written by Alexandre Trudeau:

To celebrate communist dictator Fidel Castro’s 80th birthday, this past Sunday the Star newspaper printed a lengthy piece by Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau, in which the young man lovingly describes the Cuban dictator as a benevolent disciplinarian father figure, calling him “something of a superman.” (see here)

So there is no excuse for the Ottawa Press Gallery not to ask Trudeau about this Castro statement:


Can’t wait.

Montreal Gazette runs letter calling Justice Minister Peter MacKay “Machine Gun MacKay”

Peter MacKay gun sweater

The Media Party’s attack on Minister Peter MacKay (see here) coordinated by the NDP-connected Broadbent Institute (see here) for daring to pose for a photo wearing a National Firearms Association t-shirt is getting smellier and smellier the more I look into it.

For example, this letter run in the Montreal Gazette caught my eye:

Conservative Justice Minister Peter MacKay was recently photographed at an event organized by the National Firearms Association, a group that calls for the legislation of automatic weapons. MacKay sported a shirt bearing an automatic rifle and a maple leaf with the slogan “No Compromise.”

His antics are an insult to the memory of the many victims of firearms, such as the young women killed at the Polytechnique in 1989. I hope MacKay will have the courage of his convictions and wear this shirt when he meets with RCMP officers, who are still mourning the murder of three of their fellow officers by a crazed gunman. No doubt, the officers would have a few choice things to say to “Machine Gun MacKay.”

Kevin Callahan

I’ve not only written to the Montreal Gazette’s managing editor  and editor-in-chief to ask these questions:

1) is the rifle depicted automatic?

2) is the NFA lobbying for legislation to make automatic weapons available?

3) what is the Gazette’s policy for verifying the accuracy of letters?

I’m also trying to track down who the writer Kevin Callahan is and if he has any political affiliations. 

Stay tuned. 

NDP MP Charlie Angus lies about National Firearms Association in Toronto Star


Peter MacKay gun sweater

In a segment showing how the Media Party flipped-out after Minister Peter MacKay wore a National Firearms Association t-shirt, Sun News’ Brian Lilley exposes CBC’s David Common for being absolutely clueless about Canada’s gun laws (see video here):


and also hi-lighted NDP MP Charlie Angus lying to the Star (read here) about the National Firearms Association:

spence angus


I’ve asked their Field Officer Erica Clarke if the NFA will be responding to this libel by Angus and will update if she responds.

Macleans pimps Trudeau for past 12 years but Paul Wells says it’s the Conservatives who are obsessed with Trudeau

Paul Wells in conversation with Justin Trudeau.

If Macleans’ Paul Wells had an ounce of shame he wouldn’t have even thought about writing this load of garbage about how the Conservatives are obsessed with Justin Trudeau:

Justin Trudeau is the fifth Liberal leader the Harper Conservative government has faced, if you count Bill Graham in 2006 and Bob Rae in 2011-12. He fronts the smallest caucus of any of them, having banished Liberal senators from the party’s weekly meetings at the beginning of this year. He is not even the Opposition leader—that job belongs to the scrappy and dogged Tom Mulcair, whose NDP caucus has 2½ MPs for every Liberal in the Commons.

Yet, there is plainly something about Trudeau that gets under Conservatives’ skins. The Liberals haven’t elected an MP in Alberta since 2004. But the Conservatives’ official Twitter account marked his visit to Edmonton for the Liberals’ annual caucus retreat by urging supporters to “sign your name if you want to keep Alberta blue.” The tweet was illustrated with an image of an all-blue map of Alberta. It left the uncomfortable impression that Conservatives are worried their party’s bastion could actually topple. Before Trudeau’s closing news conference in Edmonton, the Prime Minister’s Office sent reporters 360 words of talking points attributed to MPs Chris Warkentin and Jacques Gourde. “From the economy, to our security, to First Nations accountability and Canada’s role on the world stage—Justin Trudeau and his team have consistently demonstrated one truth,” the release said. “They lack the judgment to lead.” (see here)

Because, besides Macleans running Trudeau on their front covers since at least 2002:

justin trudeau

Wells had been caught staying at Liberal Scott Brison’s house while on vacation (see here) which is obviously a blatant conflict of interest and reaches far past the realms of ethical journalism.

So, who is really obsessed with Trudeau and the Liberals?

trudeau wells raj








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