A fund for the Canadian victims of terrorism



A great cause:

On Monday, October 20th, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was killed in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu because he was a Canadian soldier.

On Wednesday, October 22nd, Corporal Nathan Cirillo was killed at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, because he was a Canadian soldier.

These two brave men died for our country just as surely as if they were in a battle overseas. They died because they were symbols of our freedom.

Let us remember their sacrifice through generosity and national spirit. Let’s raise funds for their families — especially for Cpl. Cirillo’s six-year-old boy.

Please give generously. All funds will be held in trust and divided equally between the two families.

You can donate online, or by cheque, to:

“Military Families in Trust”
c/o 351 Queen Street East
P.O. Box 82581 
Toronto, ON, M5A 1T2

These two men stood on guard for us. Let us help take care of their loved ones.

You can donate at this link here.

National Post editor Jonathan Kay tells people ‘to get a grip” over yesterday’s terrorist act

kay 1

So besides being outed this week for helping Liberal leader Justin Trudeau write his campaign comic book (see here) the National Post’s Jonathan Kay doubles down on removing what’s left of any respect he might have with this gem:


Back to back days of Islamic terrorists killing a Canadian soldier here in Canada and Kay tells you to not get so worked up as it’s not that big of a deal.

Looking forward to him calling up the family members of these fallen heroes and telling them that.

Update: Kay doubles down on his moronic comment by calling this act of terrorism a “suicide by cop”:

kay 1

Trudeau thanks National Post editor Jonathan Kay for helping write his memoir


The National Post and its Comment Page Editor, Jonathan Kay have some serious explaining to do after Liberal leader Justin Trudeau officially acknowledged his help in writing his ‘memoir':


This would be an extreme case of questionable journalistic ethics and blatant conflict of interest and the National Post/Postmedia and Kay need to come clean about what role he played in writing this for Trudeau – immediately.

Also: See earlier post on Trudeau outing Media Party members helping him here

Trudeau outs Media Party members for helping write his ‘memoir’

kay 1

The Media Party is in full-campaign mode pimping Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s memoir with fawning, fluff interviews but the Star’s Susan Delacourt may have slipped up with this gem:

The actual writing of the book was a group effort. Trudeau sat down with various interviewers (including the National Post’s Jonathan Kay), and then the taped recollections were sorted by editors and advisers. (see here)

So, either Trudeau ‘stole’ these Media Party members’ news material which, led by the CBC is colluding to keep from the Conservatives (see here), or they gave it willingly to help him ‘write’ this book.

Also: See earlier post where Kay goes out of his way to smear Sun News after they dared to expose Trudeau campaigning in an extremist mosque here

CBC’s Rick Mercer lies about the Conservatives on air, again


The CBC ran out one of their in-house ‘comedians’ to go after the Conservatives after the CBC was exposed creating a potentially illegal media cartel (see here) but Rick Mercer only ended up confirming his anti-Conservative bias and further destroying any credibility he had left:

This from University of Toronto Law Professor Ariel Katz:

katz mercer

Would love to see the Conservatives sue Mercer for calling them thieves.

Also: See earlier post on Mercer lying about the fake robocall scandal here.


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