My 2nd guest appearance with Sun News host Alex Pierson booked for tomorrow morning


Apparently I didn’t suck so my schedule of appearances with Sun News’ Alex Pierson on her Straight Talk program will continue tomorrow morning at 7:30AM PST/10:30AM EST.  

The topics up for discussion will be how a national security Media Party reporter didn’t know about a convicted attempted-assassin who is active in the Liberal Party and Mulcair’s weed-speech at the Canadian Medical Association convention.

There was no video available of my 1st appearance Tues morning but will post them if they are uploaded to the Sun News website.

Thank you for all the kind words of support – I appreciate it very, very much.


Warren Kinsella damages Olivia Chow’s campaign calling John Tory a “segregationist”


Once again Warren Kinsella has shown what a brilliant political strategist he is:

Warren Kinsella, who leads the so-called rapid response “war room” for Chow’s mayoral campaign, made the comment on Twitter. He also posted a map in which he puts the following satirical words in Tory’s mouth: “You will note we were careful to exclude Jane/Finch and Rexdale from SmartTrack.”

“Is John Tory’s Smart Track, you know, Segregationist Track?” Kinsella wrote. In a post immediately prior, he wrote: “John Tory: if you don’t come from his demographic, he doesn’t give a s— if you lose transit service.”

Kinsella deleted the tweets and offered a qualified apology to Tory when a reporter contacted him and the campaign more than 12 hours later.

And to make matters even worse, Chow’s spokesman gets caught lying about Kinsella’s role:

Chow spokesman Jamey Heath said Kinsella is a mere “volunteer” on the campaign, though he acknowledged that Kinsella’s company is being paid for “media monitoring” work. He tried to distance the campaign itself from Kinsella’s words. (see here)

It’s not like Kinsella hasn’t gone around libelling others as racists:

Kinsella libel

Just that this time the Media Party cares.

Also: See earlier post of Kinsella posting a photo of his fiancée aiming a ‘handgun’ in a backyard here

Exposing an incompetent Ottawa Citizen reporter

macleod 2

One of the greatest examples of how far the Media Party will go to protect the Liberal Party is the case of Jaspal Atwal (see here and here) which is what made me confront Ottawa Citizen reporter Ian MacLeod when he omitted naming Atwal in his story about the Trudeau break-in:

“He’s very high-profile right now, doing well in the polls. Who knows, some kook may have been motivated by something he or she has seen on the news,” said Ujjal Dosanjh, the former premier of British Columbia and federal minister.

Dosanjh’s office was firebombed in 1999 while he was serving as a member of British Columbia’s legislative assembly. In 1985, a man beat him with a lead pipe for speaking out, as a private citizen, against Sikh extremism. (see here)

But I certainly wasn’t expecting this response from MacLeod:

macleodAnd I sent him these which also included the photos of Ignatieff and Rae posing with Atwal:

macleod 1

rae atwal

atwal iggy

This is MacLeod’s bio from his Twitter account “Ottawa Citizen reporter covering national security, terrorism, surveillance & privacy, nuclear, aviation safety.” – think about that.


My 1st guest appearance with Sun News host Alex Pierson booked for tomorrow morning


My regular Tuesday and Thursday segments with Sun News’ Alex Pierson on her Straight Talk program will be begin tomorrow morning at 7:30AM PST/10:30AM EST.

The topic will be the break-in at Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s rented home in Ottawa and how the Media Party have reacted.

And guess what, I’ll be calling a couple of them out just like I do here. 


Sun’s Ezra Levant leads on Globe’s poll for “Biggest Canadian Broadcaster” so they then discredit results


The Globe and Mail’s online PR poll “Who’s the biggest name in Canadian broadcasting” is blowing up spectacularly in their faces but instead of gracelessly conceding, they added this to denounce the results:

Editor’s Note: The order of appearance below is based on your voting which, like all Internet polls or surveys, can be subject to organized campaigns. (see here)

It sure must suck for the self-declared “Canada’s newspaper of record” to get so publicly owned by a bunch of redneck, hillbilly Ezra Levant fans – ouch.




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