Maybe Chinese Premier was just being a nice host?

Colby Cosh has some audacity to objectively read the translation of  Chinese Premier Wen’s greeting of PM Harper. This is in stark contrast to John Ibbitson of the Globe and Mail who wrote:

“In an unprecedented diplomatic breach, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao publicly upbraided Prime Minister Stephen Harper today for failing to visit China sooner” (see Ibbitson’s story here)

The quote in question was:

“This is your first visit to China and this is the first meeting between the Chinese premier and a Canadian prime minister in almost five years,”

How dare Colby not already have his story pre-written as did Ibbitson? (see Cosh’s post here)


Did Ujjal get left out of the loop by Iffy on early HST vote?

Funny how 4/5 of the Liberal BC MPs missed the vote on the HST today because of an early vote call according to Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff but not Vancouver-South MP Ujjal Dosanjh. He won his BC riding by just 22 votes last time and was counting on the anti-HST vote to get him reelected. (see story here)

Maybe this was in retaliation for him being so vocal yesterday in his campaign to get the Libs to vote against the HST and pouting afterward publicly? Ujjal wouldn’t think of leaving his newly found love the Liberal Party to return to his NDP roots again would he? You have to figure that he knows getting reelected now as a Liberal would be next to impossible.

Also: (see previous post on Dosanjh’s anti-HST flyers here)

Hey Jim…you won’t be naming your dog Copenhagen will you?

Speaking about the hacked emails from “climategate” Environment Minister Jim Prentice played down the controversy: (see story here)

“It does not change the position of Canada … The science overall is relatively clear on all of this and as a conservationist and as a responsible environmental steward Canada wants to see carbon emissions reduced.”

Will BC Liberals bend on HST to another big donor industry?

The BC Liberal government caved under lobbying pressure from the building industry that donated $700,000 to them last year and upped the housing exemption from $400,000 to $520,000. (see previous post here)

Now Michael Smyth is reporting that the food industry (a big past Liberal supporter) is poised to launch an all-out-war unless they get an exemption as well. The Libs are caught on this one as they have run out of room of their agreed upon 5% exemptions with the Feds and any others will come directly out of BC tax revenues. (see story here)

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BC government employee who was caught with 1,400 gov clients’ data used fake ID to get job in first place

This story of the BC government employee at the center of a major privacy breach just gets more and more bizarre and continues to prove that there was either a cover-up or complete incompetence by Liberal Minister Ben Stewart. (see previous post call for his resignation here)

Warrant information from the RCMP states that Richard Ernest Wainwright, 44, used forged or altered documents to obtain a BC ID card and driver’s licence in the name of Richard Ernest Perran. He then got a job with the BC government in 2007 and was given access to sensitive personal information of clients, despite having a criminal record. (see story here)

“Wainwright had been convicted of theft, unauthorized use of credit-card data, possession and use of counterfeit money, and two counts of possession of stolen property, stemming from an October 2004 police investigation in Kamloops and Merritt, court records show. He received an 18-month conditional sentence in 2005”

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