Adrian McNair AKA Unambiguously Ambidextrous kicks some CBC journalist butt

For those who didn’t see Adrian McNair take on Kady O’Malley today on CBC’s Power and Politics with Evan Solomon. The topic was Climategate and it is an absolute must see for readers of Conservative bloggers. To say Adrian tore Kady a new one would be an understatement.

Power & Politics with Evan Solomon [Running time 10:22]


Green’s Elizabeth May says hacked Climategate emails “a trap” and ‘an elaborate sting operation’

Green Party leader Elizabeth May thinks it’s all a conspiracy paid for by “contrarian propagandists.” Yup’ old Lizzy thinks this was cooked up and paid for by some sort of bear market capitalists. She also thinks the media is hiding the culprits:

“Strange, isn’t it that media are not wondering about who hacked into the computers and who paid them?”

You know that this is really starting to hurt the global warming alarmist crowd when people like her start flinging mud. Wonder if the Green donations are starting to dry up a bit? (see story here)

1/3 of Liberal caucus fails to show for HST vote

Liberal party leader Michael Ignatieff is still trying to say today that his party fully backs the HST and is united. Well I guess if you say 50 out of the 77 is considered united… (see story here)

Oh ya, and one of those 50 “united” Libs was Vancouver South MP Ujjal Dosanjh who is on record as saying he hates the HST. (see previous post here)

Has John Ibbitson of The Globe gone off the deep end?

John Ibbitson continues his storyline today on how the Chinese Premier “lectured the Prime Minister on his long absence from visiting China”. He then goes on a bizarre historical tangent trying to square his story of how Harper “had no idea what he was about to reap.”

The last paragraph in Ibbitson’s diatribe is pretty telling that he had it already predetermined how Harper was going to be received by the Chinese:

“The Sino-Canadian relationship matters. A little raking over the coals is the least the Prime Minister should be prepared to pay to repair the damage he has done.” (see column here)

Also: Campbell Clark, Mark McKinnon from the Globe and Mail as well as the editorial writer are on full attack mode on this as well (see story here) , (here) and (here)

Also: (see my previous post here)

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