Bob Rae and Carolyn Bennett say Persichilli plot column a lie

Now this is funny…

First is Bennett’s letter:

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Letter to the Toronto Star sent this evening

‘I was a participant in the conversation Mr. Persichilli’s cites in his Dec. 6 column. He was not. I participated in a conversation about ensuring that Michael Ignatieff becomes the next Prime Minister of Canada. The column is a fiction of the columnist’s own device. He has done himself serious damage as a political commentator.’

Then we have Rae’s letter:

Letter to the Editor,

Angelo Persichilli’s column in the Sunday Star is full of fiction and false statements. At no time did he or anyone from the Star call me to check any of the non-existent “facts” in the article.

The premise of the article – that I “called” a meeting (to be held at the bar of the Chateau Laurier) is completely untrue. After a dinner honouring Senator Grafstein I went to the hotel and saw two colleagues in the bar, who promptly waved me over. We were joined later by another colleague.

The “conversation” described in Mr Persichilli’s article is fictional. It never happened in any way described by him, and the views he ascribes to me and others are false.

Michael Ignatieff -the leader of my caucus and party – has my full support. Since my return to active politics in 2006 I have done everything I can to be an effective member of the Liberal team, and I shall continue to do so.

Why the Star would print such an unfounded piece of writing is beyond me, but I have no choice but to respond.

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Great Britain’s PM calls climate warming skeptics “a flat earth group”

England’s PM Gordon Brown, who must call an election by the middle of 2010, is obviously pinning his hopes on retaining control of his Labour Party by pandering to the hard left side of the party. (see story here)

“There is an anti-change group. There is an anti-reform group. There is an anti-science group, there is a flat Earth group, if I may say so, over the scientific evidence for climate change.”

His term as PM has been a disaster since pushing out Tony Blair in 2007. His Labour Party is currently sitting at 27% in public opinion polls trailing the Conservatives at 40%. He had to deal with a plot in 2008 to remove him by his own MPs after the worst local election results for Labour affiliated politicians in the last 40 years

Star journalist wants Iffy to fire caucus leaker

Funny how Susan Delacourt is encouraging Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to hunt down and publicly expose the source of Angelo Persichilli bombshell column. She says she knows who it is but wont say. (see her blog post here)

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Police state in Durham: Pub patrons fined while waiting for DD rides

This should scare the living hell out of libertarians:

The Durham Regional Police are handing out tickets to people waiting for their ride service and Insp. Charlie Green thinks it’s no problem at all. In fact he encouraging his subordinates to continue infringing on peoples’ rights. (see story here)

“They take what is basically a zero-tolerance approach to everything, It’s high enforcement”

Dion, Ignatieff and now Rae. Oh dare we dream…?

No real surprise here that the Liberals are in full revolt mode against their leader Michael Ignatief but what is interesting is how Angelo Persichilli writing in the Toronto Star is getting such amazing quotes from the sources of this uprising.These came from a meeting  MPs had with Bob Rae over drinks to encourage him to take out Iffy: (see story here)

-MP Glen Pearson (who denies it) “the only one the party trusts”

-MP Carloyn Bennet said that David McGuinty, Justin Trudeau and others are already planning their leadership runs and it was time for Rae to do something

-Ruby Dhalla said that loyalty is a two-way street

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