MPs and politicians who support recent protests need a lesson in history

On Oct 26, we had the NDP and Green supporting the House of Common’s visitor gallery protest:

NDP MP Libby Davies: “Young activists get their message for Climate Change – right into Question Period….we hear em loud and clear!”

Green Party leader Elizabeth May: “Those were the best, the brightest, the most dedicated, the most responsible young adults in Canada.”

Today it was support for the Greenpeace security breach of the roof of the House of Commons:

NDP MP Nathan Cullen: “It’s pretty powerful, there’s no doubt about it, young people getting this animated. We always say we want them interested in the House of Commons. They’ve chosen this path.”

NDP MP Glenn Thibeau: “Wishing the environmental activists perched above our West Block offices a safe protest of Canada’s failed climate”

These politicians should be reminded of:

– A Canadian man accused of participating in military exercises and firearms training as part of a group authorities say plotted to storm Parliament and behead the prime minister was found guilty (see story here)

– A Canadian man died when a bomb he was preparing exploded in a washroom of the Parliament of Canada. It is believed that he was preparing to bomb the House of Commons (see story here)

– A gunman hijacked a Greyhound bus en route to New York and forced it to drive to the Parliament buildings in Ottawa. The man claimed to be a member of the Lebanese Liberation Front and demanded that Syrian forces withdraw from Lebanon (see story here)

– Hyundai that breached security by the East Block in 2003

– Jeep that drove under the Peace Tower in 1997

6 Responses to “MPs and politicians who support recent protests need a lesson in history”

  1. Rob C Says:

    Anywhere but Canada these a$$#oles would have been dealt with by an armed tac team as they should be..

  2. Alberta Girl Says:

    I would start looking at the NDP as the way these idiots gain access to the HoC

  3. Joanne (T.B.) Says:

    Well, we can thank them for underscoring how weak our security is on the Hill.

  4. r Says:

    Go to and you’ll see a pic of Layton across the street talking to reporters as the banners are on East Block.

    That just is happenstance?

  5. Dave Bagler Says:

    Oh yeah we don’t want people participating in non-violent protests in our democratic country. I hate it when people stand up for what they believe in.

    God forbid non-violent protesters get too close to our democratically elected officials.

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