Has the BC Liberal government sold out to Big Pharma?

Keith Baldrey questions whether the BC Liberals:

“put its loyalty to the pharmaceutical industry ahead of sound health-care policy-making?”

“Health Minister Kevin Falcon’s quiet admission that his government will no longer fund an independent drug review agency that saves taxpayers money and saves lives to boot”

Baldrey also goes on to remind every one of the $170,000 in donations that the BC Libs have received from these companies. (see story here)

Also: see my post on whether Pfizer was paid back with board appointment by Liberals here


Ex Lib MP Alfonso Gagliano’s corruption ghost rises again

Just when you think it can’t get much worse for the Liberals a newly released wiretap warrant emerges stemming from the Quebec Liberal Party wing. The RCMP allege that a $117,000 fraud was planned by former Liberal bagman Giuseppe Morselli, who used the money during trips with Liberal MP and Quebec Lieutenant Alfonso Gagliano in Italy and Florida. (see story here)

Liberal MP doesn’t like Ignatieff’s long Xmas holiday

Looks like this line from a Toronto Star story didn’t go unnoticed from at least one Lib MP: (see story here)

“The Liberal leader is expected to take a long break over Christmas, since Parliament doesn’t resume until late January.”

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MADD supports Durham Police ticketing people waiting for DD rides

CEO of MADD Canada Andrew Murie is applauding the Durham Police ticketing pub patrons waiting for their DD rides. (see previous post here)

He obviously doesn’t understand the irony of an organization that has lobbied hard for getting people off the road thinking it’s great to fine those that get the message. It’s either that or this organization is completely satisfied with being fanatical. “The inspector is dead-on.” says Murie. (see story here)

Can’t wait to see the new MADD TV commercials on this…

Also: see previous post on Durham Police crackdown (here)

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