Thomas The Tank Engine pushing “conservative political ideology” says Calgary Ast. Prof

Political scientist Dr Shauna Wilton, who is an assistant professor in the Department of Social Sciences at University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus, said that Thomas: (see story here)

“represents a conservative political ideology that punishes individual initiative, opposes critique and change, and relegates females to supportive roles,”

Wonder if she did her thesis on Mr Dressup or The Friendly Giant? They were misogynistic weren’t they?


Convicted NFLD NDP politician vows to repay stolen money

There wouldn’t be any pension money going to pay back all the money Randy Collins and other Newfoundland/Labrador politicians ripped off from the taxpayer would it? (see story here)

BC has no mandatory gunshot wound reporting

You would think with all the wild west style gang shoots outs in Vancouver, we would have some sort of legislation that makes it mandatory to report gunshots  from medical professionals. Not only is it not a law to report them, it is not against the law to treat them under the table.

So when your local friendly biker gets shot, he just calls up whoever he has on his payroll be it vet or even a naturalpath as shown in this story.

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BC Liberals rename Queen Charlotte Islands to Haida Gwaii as part of power deal

It was announced today by Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell during an offshore wind farm “partnership” agreement between the Haida Nation and NaiKun Wind Development Inc that the Queen Charlotte Islands will now be called Haida Gwaii. (see story here)

What else will we be renaming here in BC when there needs a business deal done with the local native band?

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