What sentence would UN Gang leader have received in BC?

My first thought when I read the headline about gang leader Clay Roueche being given a sentence of 30 years for drug-trafficking charges was “wow, way to go BC Courts”. My mistake…he was sentenced in a Seattle court. (see story here)

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Aaron Wherry: MacLeans’ official Richard Colvin Afghan detainee obsesser?

I thought I’ve noticed pretty much nothing else written by MacLeans’ Aaron Wherry for quite some time now except the Afghan detainee file so I  looked at Wherry’s blog and counted his last 45 posts. On these three pages, I found that he wrote 35 times on this one topic alone! (see Wherry blog here)

Hey Coyne, is this all he’s paid to do?

CBC’s Kady O’Malley doesn’t have time for Climategate but sure does for Richard Colvin

The CBC’s  Kady O’Malley complained on Power and Politics to Adrian McNair (when he confronted her on the lack of Climategate coverage)  that she didn’t have the time to look into all the hacked emails. (see previous post here)

No wonder she’s so bedraggled, look at the massive amount of energy she’s expending on the Richard Colver Afghan file.  Poor thing…. (see O’Malley’s blog here)

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Liberal National Director Rocco Rossi uses Party resources to push mayoral bid

Rossi used his Liberal email account to send messages asking for support which not only may have breached the Municipal Elections Act but makes you wonder who these emails were sent to?

Did Rossi use his position as the Liberal top fund-raiser to gain access to the extremely valuable donor and membership lists? Is this the real reason he took this job for such a short time?

He blames his “own technical incompetence” for using the Liberal email system and signing it with his current Liberal National Director title. Anyone believe Rocco? (see story here)

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Liberal Senator compares Recall Bill to Idi Amin reign of terror and genitals being cut off

Another day of quality debate brought to you by Liberal Senator Mobina Jaffer who: (see column here)

“invoked the situation in the 1970s in her native Uganda under Idi Amin, where a local mayor was killed and his genitals cut off”

This is the same Senator who along with her son had to pay an out of court settlement for over billing ($6 million) to the Order of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, a religious group in Canada, hired Mobina Jaffer and her firm to defend the Order in a sexual abuse case. She is under a BC Law Society review for, in part, billing for 30 hour days. (see story here)

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