McGuinty: Copenhagen “missed opportunity for us as a people, as a species”

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty continued where his moronic environment minister left off in Copenhagen (see Ont and Que joint press conference) slamming Harper’s handling of the Copenhagen summit:

“I think it was a missed opportunity for us as a people, as a species, frankly” and “I think we failed to find a way to come together, and in a sincere and determined fashion come to grips with a global threat: climate change”

Someone forget to remind Dalton that Ontario is on track to miss it’s own emission reductions even with the massive economical slow down that has crippled the Ontario manufacturing industry? (see story here)


Liberal leader Ignatieff’s tour to “connect with the unconverted”

This is what the new Liberal brain trust thinks will get Iffy moving up in the polls? Maybe he’ll be reading excerpts of War and Peace to the students like he does during the Christmas holidays with his wife?

•    January 11, 2010 – Nova Scotia Community College
•    January 11, 2010 – Dalhousie University
•    January 12, 2010 – HEC Montréal
•    January 12, 2010 – Concordia University
•    January 13, 2010 – University of Toronto Mississauga
•    January 13, 2010 – McMaster University
•    January 14, 2010 – University of Manitoba
•    January 14, 2010 – University of Calgary
•    January 15, 2010 – University of Victoria
•    January 15, 2010 – University of British Columbia
•    January 18, 2010 – University of Ottawa

3 trials to determine conservation officer is allowed to ask “who shot the moose?”

Two guys were pulled over by a conservation officer with a moose shot out of season in the back of their truck. The officer asks, “who shot it?” and one of the guys says, “I did”. Case closed right?

The ridiculous justice system took three trials, ending all the way to the BC Court of Appeal, to figure out that the guy didn’t have the right of access to a lawyer out in the bush before being asked incriminating questions.

One question, setting aside the ridiculous prior judgments, who funded all these appeals? (see story here)

Rosie DiManno: 1 of 2 sane Toronto Star writers

You have to really like the Star’s Rosie DiManno. She always writes what she feels is correct and be damned her Liberal bosses. Today she defends the $7 million defunding of the Toronto based KAIROS by the federal government. (see column here)

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