Hey Norman…Wafergate wasn’t just a “media error”

Norman Spector writes in the Globe and Mail today as part of his column on how we as Canadians are lucky to have Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff as the PM in waiting, that the wafer scandal was merely a “media error”. (see column here)

He conveniently forgets to include that it was a complete made up story put out by a big wig Liberal owned newspaper. He only links it to a blog where you have to look a ways down the page to find the break-down on what happened. I’ve copied the blog below:

“This was a bad year for the Telegraph-Journal, a newspaper in New Brunswick, Canada. First, it came under fire when it dismissed a summer intern after he committed a few factual errors in a controversial story. It also had to apologize for an incident of plagiarism in an unrelated story. But the biggest problem was a front page story that included a fabricated accusation against the Canadian prime minister, as well as a fabricated quote from a prominent priest. In Canada, the ensuing national scandal came to be known as “Wafergate,” and it eventually cost the paper’s editor her job. The publisher was also suspended. Here’s how I described the incident in a previous column:

In early July, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper traveled to New Brunswick to attend the funeral of former Governor General Romeo LeBlanc. At the funeral, the prime minister was given communion. Video footage shows him accepting a wafer from the priest, but cuts away before anyone can see him eat it. Nobody thought much of this until the Telegraph-Journal, a New Brunswick paper, published a front page article claiming that the prime minister put the wafer, which represents the body of Christ, in his pocket. Then everyone piled on the story. Eventually, the prime minister and his spokesman issued strong denials.

Almost three weeks after it set off a national controversy, the paper issued a front page apology and admitted that, “There was no credible support for these statements of fact at the time this article was published, nor is the Telegraph-Journal aware of any credible support for these statements now.” So, uh, how did they end up in the paper?

Then, on September 16, the paper issued another major apology, this time to Monsignor Brian Henneberry for fabricating a quote from him in the offending report. From the apology:

… The Telegraph-Journal said prominently, on the front page, that Monsignor Brian Henneberry, a senior Saint John priest, had “demanded” that Prime Minister Stephen Harper explain what he had done with the communion wafer that he had been given. The newspaper has determined that Monsignor Henneberry said no such thing and believes that the false assertion was wholly the product of improper editorial manipulation …

Though the paper has issued two prominent apologies, one major issue remains: the public doesn’t know who or what caused the paper to fabricate this controversy. Who made the decision to insert the offending accusation and quotes? Why did they do it? Do they still work for the paper? The paper apologized for its errors, but it hasn’t been transparent about what caused them. Sadly, this lack of disclosure is all too common among news organizations.”

see blog page here


10 Responses to “Hey Norman…Wafergate wasn’t just a “media error””

  1. Fay Says:

    The MSM and National Press Gallery continue to cover up for the Liberal Party!
    At least Norman Spector acknowledged it happening. The silence is deafening from all the rest.

  2. Chris Says:

    Who the f*** is Norman Spector and why should I care what he thinks about anything? He looks like a pompous ass – and by what little I have gleaned from this, he sounds like one too.

  3. john Says:

    “…false assertion was wholly the product of improper editorial manipulation …”

    Wow, that certainly is a long winded way of saying “LIE”.

  4. john Says:

    I have never paid attention to the Globe & Mail and have no intention of starting now.

    But I have heard about thier reporting and their bias. I also saw their TV commercial that stated “Anyone can have an opinion, but is it informed?”

    That sounds pretty elitist to me. The unstated assertion of that question is that Globe & Mail columnists are far more informed than all mere mortals.

    Anyhow, before this, if I were asked to conjure up an image of a newspaper columnist (especially one from the G.&M.) my imagination would have produced an image that matches EXACTLY that of Norman Spector.

    I guess my instincts aren’t too far off.

    My assumption that journalists, (especially those at the G.&M.) are a group of smart aleck, drunken, elitist, condescending, self-appointed-know-it-all, gossips who lack the skills to excel at anything other than sponging cheap fame off the triumphs or tragedies (mostly tragedies) of others, is probably pretty accurate as well.

  5. Joe Says:

    Dearest Norm also made the obligatory “Well Alberta should be doing better”. Yeah right Norm, Alberta is spending 2 billion dollars a year to bury plant food just for the likes of you. Oh by the way have you drowned any good forests lately? Here’s a novel idea Norm you clean up you Quebec’s crap and let Alberta clean its mess.

  6. dave Says:

    Two suggestions; 1] Never support the glob and pail
    2] Never give Spectorate time

    But thank you for highlighting the crap I would miss, every good army needs the selfless soldier to keep up the troops informed, happy New Year!

  7. argee Says:

    When the so called wafer scandal broke ,the chief of staff for Iffy was Paul Zed, the ex liberal MP for Saint John who had inlaw connections to the Irvings, we will never know if he had anything to do with it, but he was replaced right after the faux scandel lost its legs…..just thinking…….

  8. Garlow Says:

    The name PAUL ZED mean anything to anyone? Always had a lot to say previous to “Wafergate”, but seems strangely quiet ever since.
    BTW, I will be so happy when the media stops putting “GATE” behind every so-called scandal. Whenever I see it anymore it makes me want to do a small puke.

  9. Liberals and their relationships with media bigwigs « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] Irving family – Almost complete newsprint monopoly in New Brunswick and extremely strong ties to both federal and provincial Liberal parties. Jamie Irving was at the center of the “Wafergate“ […]

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