The only columnist to get the correct reason why Harper prorogued Parliament?

Alone today amongst all the “dictatorship, “affront to democracy”, “game playing” blah, blah, blah articles and columns written today on the prorogation of Parliament, I’m thinking John Ivison from The Post comes the closest to nailing the reason. (see column here)


Ontario taxpayers pick up another Caledonia settlement

The Liberal Ontario government and Ontario Provincial Police settled out of court with the couple who was suing them over their treatment by the authorities from  harassment received from the Six Nations protestors who occupied a development nearby. (see story here)

Now we’ll never have anyone held accountable over this as the settlement comes with a confidentiality agreement. I love how governments are allowed to spend tax payer money to settle lawsuits and no one is allowed to see the terms? Sweet deal for the cops and politicians involved.

Why oh why would the Post want this loonie leftie writing for them?

Today was the first time I’ve time I read one of the National Post’s newest contributors and I gave my head a sad shake. (see column here)

John Baglow, known as Dr Dawg to the on-line blogger community,  is now getting his anti-Harper/Conservative ramblings published in the only decent newspaper in Canada and you have to wonder what editor Kelly McParland is thinking. Is this his way of trying to make the paper diverse? Well, we already have Don Martin for that, so I’m thinking this is just an attempt at trying to inject some controversy and reactions from readers such as me and make Baglow a foil as he attacks Baglow’s article with his own (see here)

If that’s the case, McParland is playing with fire…

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