Why oh why would the Post want this loonie leftie writing for them?

Today was the first time I’ve time I read one of the National Post’s newest contributors and I gave my head a sad shake. (see column here)

John Baglow, known as Dr Dawg to the on-line blogger community,  is now getting his anti-Harper/Conservative ramblings published in the only decent newspaper in Canada and you have to wonder what editor Kelly McParland is thinking. Is this his way of trying to make the paper diverse? Well, we already have Don Martin for that, so I’m thinking this is just an attempt at trying to inject some controversy and reactions from readers such as me and make Baglow a foil as he attacks Baglow’s article with his own (see here)

If that’s the case, McParland is playing with fire…


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  1. real conservative Says:

    Media controllers do not want to see a free Canada or USA for that matter.

  2. PhantomObserver Says:

    No he isn’t. In order to be a good NP columnist, it doesn’t matter what political stripe you wear, as long as you’re able to express yourself coherently and in an entertaining manner. And Baglow can do that.

  3. canadiansense Says:

    Freedom of Speech, Press blah blah.

    It is great to watch a lefty get ripped apart for his biased piece.

    In our democracy, a discourse is a wonderful thing.

    In the lefty countries like China, Iran, Russia not so much.

  4. Skinny Dipper Says:

    Please, do all newspaper and magazine writers need to be conservative? I read different print and electronic news sources. I don’t care if they are liberal or conservative. I want to read good writing. I can enjoy a conservative Economist magazine as well as a liberal Toronto Star. I can read the Jerusalem Post as well as Al Jazeera (English). I can enjoy all of them. I read them because I want the authors to challenge my own way of thinking. If I just read things which which I only agree, I would limit my own range of thinking. If people wish to only read things with which they agree, they can read their own toilet paper.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yes, the Canadian media is so overrun by conservatives…led by that bastion of the right-wing, the CBC!

    • Rick Thomson Says:

      I have to agree with Skinny Dipper on this.
      All view points must be presented. As Voltaire said,”I disagree with all you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say ir.”

  5. Rob C Says:

    Every village needs an idiot

  6. Garfield Says:

    All I have heard for quite some time is how mean-spirited all conservative people are. However, comments from those on the left are so full of vitriol, hatred and spiteful words that one has to wonder who has the problem.
    I always hear from lefties that they and they alone are the intelligentsia of the world. Reading comments in columns and blogs leads me to believe the vast majority of those on the left are actually uneducated buffoons.

  7. Garfield Says:

    That icon beside my comment looks waaay too much like the Communist Broadcorping Castration symbol.
    I may be ill.

  8. Powell Lucas Says:

    Just noting that this guy Baglow was once head of the Public Service Alliance of Canada tells me all I want to know about him. This socialistic, rape-the-public outfit is nothing more than a feather-bedding apologist for the myriads of do-nothing civil servants whose only role is to pad the departmental employee numbers so their top bureaucrats can demand more tax dollars to protect their empires.

  9. G.,,, Says:

    Isn’t this the same thin skinned asshole who’s suing a blogging tory for libel? I shall enjoy printing his articles out and using them to catch my cat’s hairball puke.

  10. gimbol Says:

    NP lets him have a column for the purposes of comic relief.
    If I must continually accept this with many more grains of salt, my doctor will be ordering me onto a salt restricted diet.
    Don’t tell me you take him seriously.

  11. Ti-Guy Says:

    published in the only decent newspaper in Canada…

    …which has always lost money, is now under creditor-protection and the founder of which is a convicted felon.

    Screech some more, bilious cretins. That’ll help.

  12. canadiansense Says:


    makes a valid point perhaps we should examine our socialist tv broadcaster in the next budget as well.

    In this highly competitive market, we should encourage those socialists to pay for their own propaganda programs. CBC should adopt PBS model and raise their own funds.

    thanks TG.

  13. balbulican Says:

    Well, so far I haven’t seen one post on this site, or comment on this thread, that approaches Baglow’s writing for style or content – just the juvenile name calling I associate with most Blogging Tory discussion threads.

    You may not actually be able to tell the difference between good writing and bad, and that may be the problem.

  14. canadiansense Says:

    Things must be very slow in the bauble lefty world. The whinning about losing 28 sitting days of government is a national emergency.

    When Liberals do it, no problem. Too much starch in the shorts?

    Do the birkenstockers realize COP15, election losses in Europe is only the beginning of push back?

    These elistist socialists are witnessing an end to their fantasy on a Big Government in Canada.

  15. Terrence Watson Says:

    Conservatives are so…. tribal.


    • Acer Says:

      They have to be…with no self-esteem and very little self-confidence they find security in the pack.

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