Tequila Sheila wants Kenney to open up immigration for political reasons

Former Liberal cabinet minister Sheila Copps advises Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to make special exemptions on Haitian immigrants for purely political purposes:

“The minister, who has assiduously cultivated political ties with minority communities, now has a chance to prove whether action can match intention”

To the Chretien-era Liberal, it doesn’t matter what you believe is right, it only matters how many votes you can buy. (see column here)


6 Responses to “Tequila Sheila wants Kenney to open up immigration for political reasons”

  1. wilson Says:

    Haitians living in Canada, with expertise of any kind, should be encouraged to go to Haiti to help rebuild their country,
    not the reverse to depopulate Haiti.

    Typical Liberal, backwards thinking.
    Create a situation you later have to fix.

  2. TangoJuliette Says:

    Yup. Dat’s all we need. Some unelected voice from the librano bone[head] yard. A clapped-out,geriatric ex-librano entitlement freak & former Librano, pre-uber menopausal Rat Pack scuzzer. Only claim to fame was that she gave out tons of offshore-made Canadian flags, saving confederation. Singlehandedly!

    This is one RatPacker doing a terrible job of channelling Uncle Bobbi and all the otherMouseketeers. Who does she think she is – Annette F.?

    I really liked the Tequila lady when she and her fellow librano rats ran in a pack, and Sheila would spend week-ends at home – pulling the Zamboni round her daddy’s tax-funded arena.


    t.e.& o.e.

  3. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    Only worse is Jean Charst who put the flags at half-mast for Haiti. What are we going to do the next time there is a disaster? Decide they don’t speak French so they don’t count? When Israel invades Lebanon or Iran?

    We always have to be holier than thou here in Quebec…

  4. dmorris Says:

    Those Liberals never DO think beyond the possibility someone might vote for them,do they?

    We,and the U.S. are doing all that can be expected and then some. Haiti is NOT a traditional ally, nor has it contributed much to Canada or the world.

    Our current humanitarian response is just fine. Let’s not go all fuzzy-headed and create a problem we can’t deal with later.

  5. L Says:

    The PM and Kenney have taken the correct road on this file. Most Haitian Canadians will appreciate the balance and quick response on files-in-progress. As well, other Canadians, including most immigrants, will appreciate retaining fairness. Let the opposition huff and puff …

  6. dance...dance to the radio Says:

    Anybody ever watch Scarface?

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