Donolo knows how to feed the friendly media

It’s not that Iffy’s chief of staff Peter Donolo is such a brilliant tactician, but the one thing that he does know very well is that the MSM will give the Liberals wide and favourable coverage if given the chance.

Case in point is the ridiculously flimsy round table policies that the Liberal Party served up to the media yesterday. Adrian McNair (Unambiguously Ambidextrous) does a great job of putting the lie to the Liberal’s newly found mantras here.

It doesn’t matter how bad or phony these announcements really are, Donolo knows from his days with Jean Chretien that you only have to pretend to be doing something to get good coverage. Check out a couple examples from today:

Andrew Potter from Macleans: The best thing to happen to the Liberals

Globe and Mail editorial: Ignatieff uses the pause


2 Responses to “Donolo knows how to feed the friendly media”

  1. Joanne (T.B.) Says:

    I refuse to read anything written by Andrew ‘Liberal talking points’ Potter.

  2. Nice to see Macleans’ Wells catching up to us lowly bloggers « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] list“. That great I guess but some of us had Donolo pegged a long time ago (see here, here and […]

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