“Israel Apartheid Week” given blessing from campuses’ administrations

Beginning Monday, six Canadian university campuses will play host to an annual event known as Israeli Apartheid Week, where feminist, gay/lesbian and Arab groups  organize anti-Jew errrr… Zionist events.

David Frum gives a good run-down on how the York University officials help this shameful “free speech” hatefest here.

Also: see Leonard Stern’s op-ed on it here

7 Responses to ““Israel Apartheid Week” given blessing from campuses’ administrations”

  1. Brute Says:

    My first thought is that any university that puts on an “Israeli Apartheid Week” should lose it’s government funding.

  2. FredfromBC Says:

    Feminists, gays and lesbians? Seriously?

    They do know that Israel is the probably only place in the middle east that they would be safe from harm, don’t they?

  3. Thucydides Says:

    While we can certainly write to our MP to pull government funding, there will be little or no response.

    To really hit them where it hurts, write the Universities and tell them you will not attend, send your children, donate to their endowments or hire any graduates of these institutions. Also find out which companies endow these universities and arrange to boycott them as well.

    A swelling boycott will take a while to become effective, but in the end, money talks.

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