Iffy wants to risk what’s left of his credibilty on Afghani public inquiry

What braniac in the liberal war room thinks that asking for a full public inquiry into the Afghan detainee will do anything positive for the Liberal Party?

Did someone forget to tell Iffy that if there was any scandal, it was all done on the Liberals watch and that the Conservative’s fixed the prisoner transfer system? (see story here)

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Torture-claiming professor’s Iffy connection

Steve Janke had looked into the background of Dr Amir Attaran who alleges that detainees in Afghanistan were deliberately transferred so that torture could be used to extract information and that he has uncensored documents proving it and found out that Attaran happened to owe Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff a big favour for defending him when he was about to be kicked out of the Carr Center (see here).

See as well what a Liberal blogger has discovered. ( BigCityLib blog here)

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