Torture-claiming professor’s Iffy connection

Steve Janke had looked into the background of Dr Amir Attaran who alleges that detainees in Afghanistan were deliberately transferred so that torture could be used to extract information and that he has uncensored documents proving it and found out that Attaran happened to owe Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff a big favour for defending him when he was about to be kicked out of the Carr Center (see here).

See as well what a Liberal blogger has discovered. ( BigCityLib blog here)

Also: see additional posts on Attaran here and here


5 Responses to “Torture-claiming professor’s Iffy connection”

  1. Bert Says:

    Nothing is sure but death and taxes (And faux Liberal created scandals backfiring).

  2. real conservative Says:

    Funny how quiet the liberals have been on the bullshit proroguing issue and the detainee torture scam they were running. Recent pictures how Mikey in a stupor. He is gone folks, I say fall 2011 back in Harvard and you heard it first from me.

  3. gimbol Says:

    How long has Amir been in possession of secret documents.
    If these are as sensitive or more sensitive than some breifing docs the opps where screaming about a certain cab min leaving at his girlfriends house, I think the RCMP should be arresting Mr Attaran for illegal possession of government documents.
    Or is he just lying..again.
    This guy is a serial critic of the Harper government, and no matter the topic always seems to be referred to as an expert on “x”.
    I smell wafergate II.

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