CBC: Another day another non-story trying to embarrass the Conservatives

From the CBC:

“A Quebec television show has exposed an embarrassing hole in the personal security of prime ministerial communications director Dimitri Soudas”

Seriously… a security exposure? Some idiot from the Radio-Canada show Infoman gets accepted by Soudas as a Facebook friend and it’s a security issue?

It’s gotcha moronic “journalists” like these that makes it hard for people to decide whether they would want to be in public service. It’s a sad day when they can’t even share in a normal social website like millions of others just because of yellow journalism like this. Another reason to not trust the CBC. (see story here)

Dimitri was a Facebook friend of mine.


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  1. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    Wasn’t that the programme that signed up to vote in the Quebec leadership contest for the A.D.Q. The vote ended up with a two vote difference, one of which was the Infoman pretending to be an A.D.Q. member.

  2. Joanne (T.B.) Says:

    There must be a lot of people angry with the Liberals for hiding behind the drapes during the latest budget (confidence) votes.

  3. wilson Says:

    new poll, catch the headline:
    Tories and Liberals still in dead heat: Poll
    Cons 34, Libs 28

    yup, dead heat LOL!!!

    • BC Blue Says:

      unbelievable….well, unfortunately very believable. good catch.

    • Jen Says:

      Wilson -you said ‘Dead Heat’ in the polls, how so.
      The conservative worked harder while the liberals sat on their hands.
      Could it be the coalition and conservatives are in dead heat or could it be that since the media are doing the liberals’ job that the media and the conservatives are in ‘dead heat.’

      • BC Blue Says:

        the headline read “dead heat” while the actual numbers were 34 Con 28 Lib. Wilson was pointing out how bad the media is.

  4. wilson Says:

    ‘…The Opposition is to introduce a motion in the House of Commons on Tuesday demanding that the plan cover a “full range” of family-planning options, which would include contraception and abortion…”
    The Liberal motion says the government should “refrain from advancing the failed right-wing ideologies” of the Bush era ….
    Liberals will legislate that Canada will promote and the Canadian taxpayers will pay for abortions in other countries and call it foriegn aid.


    • simon Says:

      Yessiree…We’re dealing with a sick myopic crowd of achievment haters over at libland.
      These people have run out of real things to believe in and so have resorted to that shady world of feel-good make believe.
      I tell ya…can the bar drop any lower?
      Libralism…a very disturbing ailment affecting oh so many!

    • frmgrl Says:

      What about the pro-life members in the Lib caucus, what are they going to do? How will they vote on the motion?

  5. TangoJuliette Says:

    Who recalls Steve Dion bragging about his army of “friends” on FB? And Iggy? And Bob Rae?


    Not a scintilla of “security risks” in any of these “thousands and thousands” of strangers-cum-chums? And CBC drone Krista Erickson working for Lib fuzz-face Pablo? Whose payroll was she on at that time?

    BTW: WTF is it with pudgy, fuzzy-assed Pablo? Do the watchers still not trust him with a sharp instrument?


    t.e. & o.e.

  6. TangoJuliette Says:

    TangoJuliette sez:

    “Just watch us?” Bob cribs from his dead former foe??

    We’ve been watching Steffi, Bobbi, Iggie, Danni, Scotti, their contingent of M.D.’s, and the rest of these ineffective turd-jugglers for four years now.

    Their time is up!


    t.e. & o.e.

  7. wilson Says:

    Maybe it is time for the pro-lifers on the Liberal benches to quit hiding, and for the LPC to quit ignoring them.
    Tho frankly Scarlet, I really don’t care.

    The OBVIOUS compromise is to focus the unwanted pregnancies and not the abortions, both sides.

    We can all agree that everything possible should be done to avoid unwanted pregnancies (regardless if the baby is born or terminated).

    Canada already participates in a huge project that provides injectable contraceptives to other nations,
    let’s expand it to many times the size of project it is now.
    Condoms (male and female) should be freely distibuted, and sexual health education promoted of course.

    re: the contraversy abortion causes in other nations
    (forget about Canada in this regard, this ‘plan’ is about 3rd world countries)
    If the donor nations take on the cost and responsibilities of a goal to dramatically reduce ‘unwanted pregnacies’,
    the recipient countries that DO allow abortions, will have $$$ resources freed up to better provide safe medical proceedures.

    And, no recipient nation can accuse donor countries of engaging in depopulation or forcing western ideologies on them.

    The less contraversy created,
    the more that will be achieved.
    Canada, ‘just visiting’ in Afghanistan, Africa…..

  8. Brian Says:

    Let’s see, Dimitri Soudas accepts as a “friend” someone passing himself off as a fugitive, thus allowing the impostor access to personal photos featuring family, real friends and home. I’d consider this a breach in security, but I’m no expert.

    Former CSIS senior intelligence analyst Michel Juneau-Katsuya, considers this a breach, as do others in the security field.

    I’m not sure that the team behind Infoman consider themselves journalists, but it would seem that the story is newsworthy. What you describe as a “non-story” was reported by The Canadian Press, The Globe and Mail and The Winnipeg Free Press, to name just three.

  9. Lynda Says:

    Just saw in the Toronto Star an ad for a web site called “unseatharper.ca”. Has anyone any idea where this came from and whether it is the Liberal party?

  10. TangoJuliette Says:


    Try doing a google search for the name. There as soooo many outfits there that they CAN”T all be fronts for the Librano Party of Canada.

    My guess is that this is all being funded by the Brown Envelope Party of Canada. Now THOSE guys really know their media and Adscammery. . .



  11. TangoJuliette Says:

    . . . and isn’t there some sort of Librano initiated restriction on ‘third party’ advertising – at least during election campaigns? Does any of these current expenditures affect the calculations?


    t.e. & o.e.

  12. TangoJuliette Says:

    A blast from the past:

    “…by DavidAkin on Thu 24 May 2007 02:53 PM EDT | Permanent Link | Cosmos
    Those of you on Facebook — I’m one! — likely know that the Prime Minister, Stephane Dion, Jack Layton, and Gilles Duceppe are all Facebook users. And, for those who are counting, Dion leads the way with 7,819 Facebook friends, Layton has 3,082, and Harper has 2,390.

    Duceppe is the last federal leader to join Facebook as I just discovered a few minutes ago. I have asked to be his “Friend” and, until he accepts, I will not be able to view his profile and learn how many Friends he has.

    Today, Dion posted a video at YouTube thanking all his Facebook friends and noting that he hit the maximum number of “Facebook Friends”. Facebook subsequently decided to allow Dion’s Facebook account to have an unlimited number of “Friends.”

    And, also of some note, Facebook has decided that what in my account and most other Facebook users’ account are called “Friends” are now called “Supporters” at the Facebook accounts of Dion, Layton, Harper and, presumably, Duceppe…”

    Every “friend” mentioned above, of certifiably impeccable character, right?

    Why, in 2007, was there not one hint of security concern raised, not one cautionary note sounded by “Former CSIS senior intelligence analyst Michel Juneau-Katsuya?”

    The silence then, of M.J-K., merely heightens the liklihood that today’s current “security” scandal is not much more than a staged ambush run by the CBC Fr & Eng, our tax funded National Broadcaster, funded by unwary taxpayers.

    Shades of Ericksons and Nyads past, etc etc.


    t.e. & o.e.

  13. real conservative Says:

    The CBC has to be privately very nervous these days. Private broadcasters are hurting and then you have the nice box lunch going on at state funded ‘Communist Broadcasting Committee.’

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