Canadian Chamber of Commerce: “Blindsided” by Iffy’s corporate tax rate cuts

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff stunned business leaders when he announced on Sunday that the Liberal Party would not carry out the planned cuts to corporate tax rates. (see story here)

Perrin Beatty, president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce:

“The net impact would be to discourage investment, discourage competitiveness, and discourage job creation”

It would be a pretty safe guess that Iffy also stunned his Liberal caucus with this announcement as well. Although this “thinkers” conference was suppose to be all about listening to new ideas, Iffy and his backroom braniacs used it to spring new Liberal policy announcements.

Iffy had no intention of just listening no matter how many red Moleskine note books (see here) he filled.


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  2. Fat Tony Says:

    Your are doing just fine Michael, keep it up.

  3. Gloria Says:

    I would ask Iggy, to have an in depth look at, one of his, Liberal Premiers, Gordon Campbell, before he shoots his mouth off. Iggy is looking for a western platform, don’t come to BC Iggy. The Liberals in BC, are corrupt, they used lying deceit, to get Campbell re-elected. Campbell and Hansen have placed BC second from the bottom, of the poorest provinces in Canada. Only a lunatic could have made up, the insane budget for BC. Campbell’s speech from the throne, is, a thing of ridicule. Hopefully, Mr. Flaherty, stomps the Liberals into the ground. The citizens from BC recognize, the Liberals as a, very dangerous government. To have a Federal Liberal Party, is enough to strike terror, in the hearts of BC citizens. This province of BC, is reminding me of, the old communist Russia. There is nothing sacred from Campbell and Hansen, they destroy all.

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