NDP MP assistant led Coulter protest

Ellen Ocran was reported (see here, here, and here) during the Coulter University of Ottawa protest as being a student recorded shouting at a Coulter backer:

“Ann Coulter should go back to where she came from because we don’t want her back here”

Thanks to the blog Take Back Your Schools it’s been discovered Ellen Ocran is actually the Assistant to NDP MP Pat Martin.


21 Responses to “NDP MP assistant led Coulter protest”

  1. MJH Says:

    The NDs do not believe in free speech.

  2. Alex Says:

    Bingo. We get sent through the ringer for for writing a letter and meanwhile NDP agents are inciting hatred and violence.

  3. Hunter Says:

    This should be re-posted when Parliament gets back in session. Shutting down Ann Coulter was a serious black eye for Canada, now the NDP must be confronted with this evidence that they were involved. If a few letters by supportive staff are enough to call for Helena to get fired, what are the NDP going to hide behind? That Pat Martin didn’t know what she was doing? Not going to wash now that they have called Helena a liar for stating she didn’t know what her assistants were doing.

  4. Kursk Says:

    It is leftist mantra to incite violence; it’s in every dictators bag of tricks from Hitler to Mao.

  5. Rob C Says:

    Should anybody be surprised??

  6. Powell Lucas Says:

    How about this for an idea. The Conservatives and the NDP will make a pact. Both MPs will sit on the back benches and both assistants will get canned.

  7. Joanne (T.B.) Says:

    So did she identify herself as Pat Martin’s assistant during the protest? And did Pat Martin know about this?

    Apparently these are crucial questions these days.

  8. Garfield Says:

    Where is Nelson Muntz when you really need him?

  9. The Tone Says:

    Ah. Good one. A political staffer being…um, political in her spare time.

    I for one am shocked, SHOCKED, that someone who worked for an MP would dare be engaged in after hours politicking, even if she is a student at the U of O. How DARE she?!

    Keep sleuthing, BC Blue.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Very telling that you call shouting down and protesting someone’s ability to speak, political expression.

      • harebell Says:

        It’s absolutely political expression.
        Marches, protests, letter writing campaigns etc are all forms of political expression. Opposition is part of the political process.
        Personally I would have preferred to let her talk just to show how intolerant and misguided she is.
        But protesting and arguing outside the venue is certainly acceptable behaviour if you’d rather she didn’t. If you wish to indulge in this behaviour then as long as it isn’t violent or threats of violence are made have at it.
        To deny people the right to do this would be denying them their rights to free speech, something which, from what I have read above, you appear to be against.

        • BC Blue Says:

          You must love the twisted Leftie world you live in.

        • harebell Says:

          care to elaborate, or is that it?

        • Brian Says:

          It’s just as logical as the right wing teabaggers shouting down town hall meetings about health care. Oh wait, I forgot, only the right wing has the right to act up, be idiots and forbid anyone else from speaking…. my mistake.
          Tell ya what free speech loving folks, why don’t you write the US government and ask them why Farley Mowat, Canada’s best known authour and WW2 hero, isn’t allowed to go to the US.

        • Brian Says:

          Really, so when the teabaggers in the US shouted down and disrupted town hall meetings that was perfectly acceptable though? Oh wait, my mistake, I forgot that only right wingers are allowed to be disruptive and act like idiots. They do it for the good of everybody. But when lefties do it, they’re called commies or something equally idiotic.
          And ummm for all you free speech, freedom of expression loving people, try writing the US government and ask them why Farley Mowat, a WW2 hero and Canada’s best known authour isn’t allowed in the US. Apprently, according to many of the responses I’ve seen in here, freedom of speech only applies to rightwingnuts that hate Canada and Canadians.

  10. Dr.Dawg Says:

    Very telling that you call shouting down and protesting someone’s ability to speak, political expression.

    “Shouting down?” Ocran was outside, and Coulter wasn’t even present.

    “Protesting someone’s ability to speak?” So it’s free speech for Coulter, but not for a demonstrator exercising her right to free expression?

    Good grief, you people are hypocrites. Vicious, too: tracking this person down and urging on the cyber-mobs–for expressing an opinion. Demanding that she be fired for protesting, as though all of her time belongs to someone else. Newsflash, buddy: slavery was abolished more than a century and a half ago. Time some of you folks realized that.

  11. real conservative Says:

    Was she paid to be at the protest? Bonus for her good work?

  12. James Says:

    In Canada, it is the left that routinely behaves like fascists. Anybody who survived the 5-year **** **** of Ontario by Bob Rae’s NDP may wonder what happened to all of the marxists, feminazis and other assorted hatemongers and fascists who made up the majority of the NDP. The mystery has been solved. They have been reincarnated as a street mob.

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