U of O Pres Alan Rock OK’ed Coulter warning letter

Ex-Liberal cabinet minister and current University of Ottawa president Alan Rock has finally come out of hiding and now admits he knew and condoned the warning letter sent to Ann Coulter by vice-president of academic affairs, François Houle. (see threat here)

In an interview with the Ottawa Citizen, Rock said:

“It was sent on behalf of the administration with my knowledge, so I share responsibility”

and that he knew little about Coulter but:

“when I found out she was coming I went to her website to learn more and was taken aback by what I saw and learned. In fact, I found myself using intemperate language when I was talking about her to colleagues.”

and on taking partial responsibility 3 weeks afterwards:

“I learned in politics that the worst thing you can do is sneak out the back door.” (see story here)


17 Responses to “U of O Pres Alan Rock OK’ed Coulter warning letter”

  1. Rob C Says:

    It would seem that Rock is still a sleazy pile of social engineering crap even outside politics.

  2. Kursk Says:

    The very same Alan Rock whose stated goal was the complete disarmament of the Canadian populace.

    Gotta control the mass’s thought patterns, speech and means to defend themselves, donthcha know..a true Liberal fascist if there ever was one.

  3. wilson Says:

    ‘I found myself using intemperate language..’
    oooh, I’m sure CBC will be right on that,
    ‘Rock Melts Down’, tape at 11
    …..ha, as if

  4. Bec Says:

    And there you have it folks….do as I say not as I do.

    From a lawyer, astounding, bloody astounding!

  5. rabbit Says:

    A lawyer and former justice minister given legal advice that he must know is misleading at best, and an overt attempt to intimidate someone into silence at worst.

    Rock’s political career was a disaster. Here’s Wikipedia:

    “In his role as Minister of Justice, Rock was heavily involved in bringing about the Canadian gun registry. This program was and still is plagued by massive cost overruns, and is rumoured to be one of the reasons for the failure of Rock’s abortive leadership bid. However, Rock’s tenure as a federal cabinet minister was in general characterized by controversy ranging from the handling of compensation for victims of tainted blood donations to actions of his department in the Airbus affair (which ended in a public apology and $2.1 million settlement to Brian Mulroney).”

    So they rewarded this boob by making him ambassador to the UN and then president of the U of O. Gotta love this country.

  6. skipper Says:

    I am always getting asked to donate to my old University (I do).
    Wonder if donations have dropped off at U of Ottawa.
    I for one would never donate to them!!

    • august Says:

      As a U of O alumnus, I stopped donating the day I heard of Rock’s appointment as president. Their recent disgraceful conduct with respect to Ann Coulter has done little to change this.

  7. dmorris Says:

    Kursk, I read Heidi Rathjen’s book a few years back. She said that Rock,then Justice Minister,disagreed with her and Wendy Cukier’s claim that Canada needed wholesale changes to the firearms act.

    But, after mentioning that he would make very loud and vocal feminist enemies, which would be bad for the Liberals at the polls, he capitulated and brought in the Bills and the Registry.

    True politician, don’t do what’s necessary, do what’ll get you the votes.

  8. dillon Says:

    Rock will be running for Leader of the Libs at the next Convention

  9. Alex in Winnipeg Says:

    Conservatives in Canada have got to start sponsoring more university professors and MSM journalists if they ever wish to see a CPC majority in government. Ex liberals have taken over our universities – we have Rock the head of U of O and the famous Lloyd “soft power” Axworthy the head of U of W.

  10. L Says:

    Rock hid under a rock because, with his sense of outrage at how others can have different views, he has no business being the President of a University. What University could be proud of a President who actively advocates suppression of free speech and debate? He is now the poster boy for the “new and fake” RIGHT to squelch views that are offensive. I suspect that he will be shunned by all but the most left-wing academic colleagues, and deservedly so, and he may lose some big alumni funding. He might as well run for the Libs – as this would be a best fit for a future career.

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