Ummm…idiotic “Conservative” senator was Lib Paul Martin’s pick

The media reports that I’ve seen on Senator Nancy Ruth’s use of profanity over her “helpful” advice to pro-abortion advocates have at least mentioned that Ruth was a Senate appointment by Liberal PM Paul Martin.

Jane Taber of the Globe and Mail doesn’t bother letting her readers in on that important bit of context on her blog though. That would just get in the way of Taber pushing the Liberal’s fund-raising letter released by Adam Smith, director of the National Liberal Fund:

“So this is how the Conservative government treats those who work with women and children in some of the world’s poorest nations?”

“The men and women who were insulted and threatened … have every right to be deeply concerned about this government’s backwards approach to maternal health, which departs from over twenty years of established Canadian policy supporting women’s rights to access safe, legal abortion and the full range of family planning services.”

Iffy sure shows us with this that he is “the Uniter” huh?

(see Taber blog here)

FYI the pic of Ruth above comes from her official senate website along with this description:

“Apart from being an appointed Senator, I take on a lot of other fun, interesting positions.

Did you know that…

  • I’m a United Church Minister by training!
  • I’m an activist! I’m an outspoken critic of poverty.
  • I’m a defender of peace, women’s and girl’s rights, water and the environment!
  • I’m an advocate of Canada’s constitutional equality rights in public policy and institutions!
  • I’m a supporter of organizations devoted to civil, legal, economic, political and cultural rights for women and girls in all their diversity, and…
  • I am a woman who loves to dance, go to the theatre, kayak, and clown around!”

6 Responses to “Ummm…idiotic “Conservative” senator was Lib Paul Martin’s pick”

  1. AEK Says:

    I find it interesting that the Liberals send out a fund raising letter on Monday, and the very next morning, Liberal Party president Alf Apps has an interview with Jane Taber to publicize it, which she does immediately.

    Way to go, team!

  2. leeky Says:

    Hmmm…”conservative” is right.

  3. ferrethouse Says:

    Some people seem ultra-sensitive when it comes to abortion. Chalk it up to a guilty conscious?

  4. Bec Says:

    Hey look, we have our own ‘Elton john’ in the Canadian Senate.
    I think she is a hoot and I have no problem with this at all.

    I simply wish that someone would have the courage to tell these abortion zealots to spend as much time advocating for full or partial sterilization. Let those that care nothing about the pain or potential of the fetus or life to have at least a teeny weeny portion of that same pain by eliminating all possibilities of reproduction and the opportunity to DO IT AGAIN!
    They need to walk the walk and talk the ENTIRE talk!

  5. wilson Says:

    Ms Ruth is a hoot, agree with yah Bec.

    Delacourt and the Libs distorted what she said right from the start. Nowhere did our Ms Ruth say there would be backlash from the govt, those are Delacourt’s words.
    IMO, she was meaning Canadian voter backlash.

    Senator Ruth said
    A pro-choice, feminist, activist…warns to leave well enough alone….haha, first Iffy loses the abortion vote in the House and now he wants to take the loss nation wide.

    Ms Ruth speaks:
    “It’s just if you push it, there will be more backlash. This is now a political football. It’s not about women’s health in this country,” she added. “Canada is still a country with free and accessible abortions. Leave it there. Don’t make it an election issue.”

  6. L Says:

    And she is actually correct on this issue. The flag, not so much …

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