French mandated to be a realtor in Quebec

Introduced this month with the new Real Estate Brokerage Act, realtors-in-training will have to prove their French language skills (see story here)

Don’t look for Jean “Captain Canada” Charest to stand up to this as he has his hands full with corrupt Liberal MLA allegations. (see here)


6 Responses to “French mandated to be a realtor in Quebec”

  1. Bec Says:

    It’s tragic that the folks that dearly love their Province are being systematically forced out.
    I wonder when it all comes to pass, they have their way and are a separated country, who they will be able to trade with SPEAKING ONLY FRENCH?
    Are they thinking that Americans will ONLY speak french? Mexico? South America? Europe? The ‘new’ Canada?
    As a province, when they do provincial govt deals, what language do they speak?

    I’m afraid they have gone to far and it may be already to late to realize it.

  2. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    AS if Jean Charest would defend English rights!

  3. real conservative Says:

    Quebec has been creeping towards the door for decades now. Soon it will be at the door and then opening it to get out of Canada. Will I cry, will I laugh, will I give a damn?

  4. dupmar Says:

    Is this part of the so-called culture war? The only parties complaining about the dominance of French in Quebec, outside of the ” cultural communities” are the blogging tories, who don’t have a clue about the nature of their country.

    Do real estate agents in BC , Alberta and Saskatchewan et al. have to hold competency in English to practice, or does Swahili and Hindi suffice. And what about the College of Physicians, are there not English language requirements. Or can anyone practice, irrespective of language abilities.

    As contracts in Quebec , including real estate contracts are generally written in French, it makes sense that those seeking to practice in this profession hold such competence, or do translators and translations suffice. Is this part of the sweeping changes you seek to introduce to this country.

    I challenge you to hoist up the banner of the defunct Equality Party, that is “equality” for English language rights only where English is in a minority position – otherwise it’s supremacy for English, and seek to eradicate existing protections for French language rights such as currently exist, and push the federal Conservatives to campaign on this theme.

  5. Hoarfrost Says:

    Quebec is the last racist province in the country.

  6. bmatkin Says:

    There is only one way to call the bluff. Let Quebec go.
    But, let all the areas of Quebec also vote to be in or out. The entrenched intolerant French portion would be very small.

    The other way to call the bluff is to cut off funds from the rest of Canada until Quebec equalizes all its citizens.

    Further, another nice way to get things moving is to allow the Quebecois to elect separatists to the Federal Parliament (Bloc) and then not seat them until they have sworn an oath to protect Canada against division and so on. Gives the Conservatives an instant majority doesn’t it?
    What fun.
    Using the “not withstanding”clause could be of use in this matter as B.C. should recognize Mandarin or Punjabi as a second language banning all French from products and such. More fun
    I don’t dislike the Quebecois in any way. I am proud of their role in the history of Canada (as much as I am proud of any group), but I am tired of being played off between weeny politicians who are afraid to stand up for whats right
    What is right is equity between citizens, provinces and the fed gov. vs. provinces.

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