Simpson moves on from climate fear-mongering to long-gun registry expert

Notice how the Globe and Mail’s Jeffery Simpson hasn’t been banging on the global warming drum for quite  some time now? After being proven so badly wrong on that file, we are supposed to take him seriously on being an expert on the long-gun registry?

Check out the five paragraphs dedicated to beating-to-death the “police cult” press release that went out from Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz office.

(see column here)


2 Responses to “Simpson moves on from climate fear-mongering to long-gun registry expert”

  1. bmatkin Says:

    Actually, I think Simpson’s column was quite fair. Yes, he gets 90% of his normal facts wrong, global warming being the most recent. He has a sense of the pulse on this issue though. I have not often heard a pithy liberal left point of view on this subject that makes any sense at all, including the Police Chief’s ass. and so on. His does.
    I thought he was quite fair in dealing with Garry also. Garry used poorly chosen language for his press release.
    I think Simpson actually got one right for a change, at least as right as a lock step leftist drone is capable of.

  2. Mary T Says:

    Has anyone produced stats on how often the registry is accessed just for gun information, instead of every time someone checks a license plate of a speeding car.
    On QP today the conservative MP got a good one back at giggles. When the remarks of the Calgary Police chief were mentioned against the registry, giggles said, that is one police chief, and the conservative gal come back with, well it was just one Police chief from TO in favor of it.

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