Liberal Party president was Gillani “getaway driver”

Liberal president Alfred Apps is getting a taste of his own party’s medicine when he and his law firm were connected to one of the central figures in the Jaffer/Guergis saga by private dick Derrick Snowdy during his testimony in front of the government operations committee.

Nazim Gillani had given Apps a retainer back in 2006 but after the law firm did a little checking into him, returned it.

Now all of a sudden when his name is being dragged through the mud (along with his law partners) Apps says:

“I think Canadians have to be getting disgusted with this”

Not so much fun now huh Alfie?  (see story here)

Remember also that he wasn’t interested in taking the high-road  during the H1N1 outbreak (see here).


5 Responses to “Liberal Party president was Gillani “getaway driver””

  1. wilson Says:

    And I wonder how Derek Lee likes being the subject of a lobbying investigation….?

    About time the Cons fought fire with fire.

  2. Mary Hines Says:

    Remember Apps is a liberal – they do not lie – just like no one was involved with the Sponsorship Scandal either – or Adscam…. Isn’t that what they all said?… Notice the media… isn’t so anxious to pump Apps name out – front page – morning – noon – or night – funny Peter Mansbridge didn’t bring up his name last night during his famous panel – about Apps…. Sorry – forgot – he too is a liberal and he knows all liberal are innocent….

  3. real conservative Says:

    That law firm has ties to the liberal party and has for some years.

  4. Kursk Says:

    ..and funny enough, not a peep about any of these men on Liblogs..

    C’mon lefties, what ever happened to speaking truth to power?

  5. Maybe Lib Party president can ask Guergis to run for them? « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] See why Liberal Party Pres Alfred Apps is feeling like such a kindred spirit to Guergis here Posted in Uncategorized. Leave a Comment […]

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