Liberals lie about HST savings being passed to consumers

The Liberals tell us that the consumers will benefit from lower prices passed on from the HST windfall. Unless of course it’s the Liberal government who is the “business” which profits from higher prices:

“British Columbians won’t be getting a price break on their favourite libations this summer, even though the harmonized sales tax lowers the provincial sales tax on booze.

The provincial Liquor Distribution Branch is ensuring its revenues won’t decline by increasing its markup on wines and spirits to offset a three-percent reduction in the sales tax, said Gord Hall, the LDB’s corporate policy director. In other words, prices of wine, beer and spirits at provincial liquor stores will remain the same.” (see story here)


4 Responses to “Liberals lie about HST savings being passed to consumers”

  1. Ted Says:

    Would you say that Brian Mulroney, Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty have also been lying? Because surely this is a fact based attack on the HST and not a partisan based attack on the Liberals.

  2. they lied Says:

    what else can you call it? they said prices would drop with the HST, then when there was an opportunity for prices to fall at bars, restaurants, and liquor stores, the LIBERAL government raised the wholesale price. this will hurt every business that was relying on a price drop. Therefore the ‘LIBERALS LIED’.

    I love the way a liberal supporter can justify anything by twisting the truth and throwing out unsubstantiated facts.

  3. Martin Says:

    What kind of twit expects a monopoly to compete on price?

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