Liberal MLA eats own words on questioning HST petition “constitutionality”

Kamloops-North Thompson’s Liberal MLA Terry Lake and government-appointed convener of the legislative committee which will be given the anti-HST petition:

“One of the things that is possible, from my understanding, is we could look at the petition and may not be able to go forward with it because of the wording of the petition”

“The committee could look at that petition and say that it’s invalid”

Ummm…Terry, that would be against the law.

And what does Campbell’s own head of the HST petition committee who does not even understand the province’s citizen-initiative law say when confronted with this:

“I was somewhat mistaken”

(see column here)


One Response to “Liberal MLA eats own words on questioning HST petition “constitutionality””

  1. Powell Lucas Says:

    Any time a politician, or one of their appointed bureaucratic lackeys, tries to think it’s a mistake; when they open their mouths it’s a major mistake.

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