Video: NDP Pat Martin bashing Christians again and Bloc’s Gilles Duceppe chimes along

NDP MP Pat Martin’s bigotry is on display once again saying:

“Opus Dei gives me the creeps”

You’d think this anti-Christian showboat would have learned his lesson when he had to climb down after bashing the Christian organization, Youth for Christ, which was trying to build an inner city youth centre in Winnipeg (see here).

We also have Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe doing his best McCarthyism imitation by outing a couple of members of the Conservative Party for their Christian affiliations.

Funny how none of this was reported over the weekend by the MSM.

Check out Ezra Levant’s blog on this here


Video: Blogger Blazing Cat Fur assaulted and police warn him!

How messed up is the policing in this country when it protects groups (ie Caledonia) and people who commit crimes?

Not only was blogger Blazing Cat Fur assaulted by the Vice President of the Canadian Arab Federation, Ali Mallah, he then gets told by the police to “keep things peaceful” after the police supervisor has a nice chat with Mallah. (see here)

Boycott Red Cross until it stops training Taliban?

Brian Lilley writes how the Canadian Red Cross supports the British Red Cross’ training of the Taliban by supplying them with first aid kits and training them in first aid.

If the Red Cross thinks this is such a good idea then add that little tidbit of information on their donation forms and commercials. I’m sure donors would love the idea of giving money to murderous terrorists that don’t abide by the Geneva Convention. (see column here)

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