Lib MP hears “whispers” and Taber dutifully writes about it

The Liberals know that the Globe and Mail’s Jane Taber will write whatever they bring her no matter how ridiculous or asinine it is.

Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett of course runs to Taber about her experience in Washington at a reproductive-health conference where she “says there are whispers in the corridors” and

“Lots of buzz … huge disappointment (with) Canada”

Of course no names provided and none needed by the Hill’s gossip queen. (see Taber blog here)

Why bother with sources as Taber can always trust this Liberal not to lie or make up stories right? Bennett would never play fast and loose with the truth and about health issues like by sending out a flagrantly fear-mongering flier during the H1N1 scare right? (see here)


10 Responses to “Lib MP hears “whispers” and Taber dutifully writes about it”

  1. AtlanticJim Says:

    I wonder if Carolyn knows her shirt comes from a website with distinctly non leftwing views?

    That’s a Hollywoodlosers T-shirt. I know, because I have the same shirt in black.

  2. Chris Says:

    Why even bother with Taber? She doesn’t even write well. She was lucky to pass grade 10 English.

  3. Honey Pot Says:

    Let’s see Bennet shows up to talk at some she-women man hating club and starts going on about the bad men and how they are holding women down, and no one in the rest of Canada gives a damn. The fact that she and her ilk are upset with the PM, will just guarantee him more votes.

    You pegged Taber, she is just a shrill gossip columnist for the liberal party. She is not taken seriously or considered a professional journailist.

    Bennet has lost any credibilty she might have had with the body bag incident. She is held in the same esteem as Hedy Fry and the cross burning. The great mystery is, no one can figure out how these two token females of the liberal party keep getting voted in.

  4. robins111 Says:

    Giggles Tabor has created a new career as the host of ET Canada (Political Division).

    Regretably her gossip page, seems to have the same vitriol as some of the Hollywood rags.

    I believe she will next attempt to fill Helen Thomas’s shoes as the most objectional hag in the universe.

  5. fernstalbert Says:

    Did Carolyn go as a doctor or MP to this conference? I do not believe that abortions for the third world is a big priority for Canadians. In fact when I discuss this matter with my Liberal voting friends – they think I am making this subject up. Why do very “white people” obsess so loudly about aborting “brown” babies? The colonial attitude is nauseating. Instead of abortion, third world women need education and jobs. The increase in knowledge and monetary stability will bring down birth rates naturally – without the paternalist intervention of left of centre politicians.

  6. FredR Says:

    Well, thank God that she didn’t whisper “I see dead people!” when referring to the Liberal caucus (apologies to any Sixth Sense fans out there).

  7. Jen Says:

    “psst psst did you you hear, ‘psst psst’, tell Taber, she writes on anything ‘psst.” And that my friend is the whole story from the corridors in washington. Post it in the Hill Times together with the other pssters

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