CBC’s new gossip queen: Rosemary Barton

Apparently CBC thinks replicating the CTV/Globe and Mail’s Jane Taber is a good idea. Kinda hypocritical though when you put this type of “reporting” along side all the CBC’s apocalyptic talk (see here) about the upcoming Sun News huh?

Check out Barton’s latest snide blog where she rhetorically asks about a PM Stephen Harper photo-op here

Also: Check out Barton’s bio posted on CBC:

“She also stood on the side of road awaiting U.S. President Barack Obama’s motorcade for hours in the cold. When she finally spotted him, all of Canada heard her shriek, “I saw him!”


19 Responses to “CBC’s new gossip queen: Rosemary Barton”

  1. DavidA Says:

    Nice pic. I see she isn’t wearing that burlap coat the CBC news peeps share when they’re on camera.

  2. Ted Says:

    Which is more snide? Making comments about a staged photo taken for no reason other than to get good coverage and misrepresent history, or using our tax dollars in actually staging a photo for no reason other than to get good coverage and misrepresent history? And which one is supposed to be the better protector and user of our tax dollars?

  3. JDot Says:

    Rosemary Barton is a flake, nothing more nothing less.

    I have to say, that is a cool photo tho..

  4. Fay Says:

    grow up Rosemary Barton. Don Newman fondly remembers training Rosemary and it is obvious she passed with flying Liberal colours.

  5. Jen Says:

    CBC- Barton- “Queen of Gossip”
    CTV- Taber- ” Queen of Tabloids”
    What happen to the male gender?

  6. Lorraine Says:

    I may be wrong but isn’t Rosie married to CBC Power & Politics host Solomon?

  7. real conservative Says:

    Eeeks, Jane Taber II. I like the mainstream media crying about SUN TV news because it is free promotion.

  8. real conservative Says:

    Does she still like Obama and his handling of the gulf crisis? I don’t mean that other gulf either.

    • Jen Says:

      apparently so since she doesn’t want to embarass herself.
      Three days after the oil spil internation countries like Holland and others wanted to sent special equipments to help, two wks later upon receiving the request from Holland, OBAMA refused to waver the ‘Jones act to allow any foreign vessel into the american waters. 59 days later the oily waters is now left to OBAMA to clean up. Yes, BP is to blame but Obama has to take some responsibility for allowing the this mess to linger. which I think he has a plan to use.
      Had this mess occurred in canada and countries offered to help and the PM refused just as OBAMA did- BARTON mouth would never cease talking.

  9. Ontario Girl Says:

    And the media wonder why PM Harper is fed up with their childish antics. Rosemary Barton is a flake….just listen to her gloating and smurking and giggling(more like a horse laugh) on the Soloman show. Not very classy . Yes Don Newman does have her well trained. Don is looking just as foolish as she does these days.
    Don’t think she is married…she might like to be. She asked Soloman last night to go out for dinner after the show…he turned her down(He had a reporters meeting or some excuse). Can you blame him. Not that he’s a catch.
    I love that pic of PM Harper. Guess it’s the only time he can focus on the job of running the country…the rest of the time is dealing with the loony left. Guess her comments are Don Newman’s example of fair and balanced CBC? Boring.

  10. Jen Says:

    And the media wonder why PM Harper is fed up with their childish antics.”

    Wouldn’t you OG, being asked ” what kind of a fruit or vegetable you want to be or why were late for the photo op, or about the wafergate”, stupid stupid questions that only idiots flakey media will ask-
    The world loves our country and are amazed at what we have done and instead of feeling pride for their country canada; these flake reporters prefer to live in a ‘fish bowl.’
    Thank goodness that a new media has taken shape to reveal to deliver.

  11. Cole Says:

    I love Rosemary Barton! I think she is a great reporter, and I love how she adds personality to her stories

  12. J Newman Says:

    I agree with Cole. And surely there are better things to do than make trivial, nasty, little comments. Who will you be sticking pins into next?

  13. damian Says:

    I really don’t care about a reporters personality or politcs, as long as they report the news properly and ask good questions, which Rosemary does.

    I can’t say the same for Solomon and his obvious bias spin and idiotic questions. Rosemary should permanently replace him on Power and Politics then maybe I’d watch more.

  14. EM Says:

    I don’t care what anybody says — she’s good-looking. And that’s all that counts. (And here it’s International Women’s Day today. Shame on me.)

  15. ethel Says:

    Re your March 15, 2011 show
    Re: The Liberal Party’s position re sports arenas
    I believe Mr. Ignatieff’s statement was to correct Harper’s prefered interpretation on the Liberal Party’s position. As you know, Harper’s statement was incorrect.
    Your guests (do not remember their names) claimed Mr. Ignatieff’s statement would hurt the Liberal Party.
    Excuse me!
    No one mentioned that Harper’s statement was incorrect, therefore it appeared Harper has a better chance – and of what – a better Democracy?

  16. Robert Korol Says:

    Re: your March 16th Power and Politics show.
    I was pleased that you interviewed Prof. El Kadri from the U of Ottawa, but was disappointed that you interrupted his making a point about some positive things that the Assad regime has provided its citizens – like free education and health care. I felt that you badgered him at one point as if the Syrian government is some sort of evil force! They do have support by the people despite opposition to their policies. What country doesn’t? Let’s avoid the line about “killing his own people” the line used in the Gadaffi case – where our 10,000 air strikes decimated the country into 3rd world poverty. Surely, we don’t want that for Syria or and country!

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