Iffy busts a move

And I thought that the shirt tucked in underwear pic was his goofiest so far on the Just Visiting Tour


CBC still pushing Afghan friendly-fire death story

From SunMedia Brian Lilley’s blog:

“The CBC has truly lost its collective mind over the WikiLeaks release of the Afghan war logs. Despite denials from the families involved, despite denials from military officials and readily available eyewitness accounts, CBC continues to pretend that perhaps, just maybe the government is lying and four Canadian soldiers were killed by an American bomb.

The CBC has even dragged NDP defence critic Jack Harris into the world of truth seeking, Harris telling the state broadcaster that the families of the fallen deserve the truth. “They deserve to know what actually happened and if there’s any doubt cast by this and I think there is some doubt because those two stories cannot live together,” Harris told CBC.”

continue reading Lilley post here

Liberal MP Brison prefers disgraced rank-and-file RCMP Commissioners?

Liberal MP Scott Brison popped up from recent obscurity to hold a press conference commenting on the RCMP Commissioner William Elliott complaints by senior Mounties:

“It was Mr. Harper’s decision to appoint Mr. Elliott. He should be accountable for the chaos caused by that appointment.” (see story here)

Brison should then admit that the Liberals are responsible for the Giuliano Zaccardelli era of RCMP scandals as he was appointed by Liberal PM Jean Chretien:

Marah Arar (see here)

RCMP pension fund (see here)

Shawinigate (see here)

Iffy caught lying about his “public funded education”

Brian Lilley of the Sun Media catches Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff telling a whopper about his educational experience in Canada.

Iffy is trying soooo hard to be an average “Joe Canada” on his summer bus tour that he’s starting to believe it himself:

“Everything that has ever happened to me that has been good in my life happened because I have had the enormous good fortune of being a Canadian citizen. Born here. Educated here. Had a publicly funded education here that gave me my start.”

Publicly funded as in going to boarding school starting at the age of 11 at Canada’s most élite (and expensive at $50,000 a year) school, Upper Canada College? (see story here)

Would these “senior Mounties” complained if Commissioner wasn’t civilian?

I can’t defend RCMP Commissioner William Elliott as I have not been impressed with him at all but I really doubt that these complaints would have been made if he was a rank-and-file RCMP officer. (see here)

Where were these “senior Mounties” during the Giuliano Zaccardelli years (see here and here)?  You’d have thought that at least one of these officers would have spoken up then right?

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