Petition to stop Sun TV endorsed by author Atwood and Liberal candidate

Turns out there is an on-line petition circulating (see here) to stop Sun TV and these two wingbats are actually publicly endorsing this attempt at media censorship.

I had thought that Liberal candidate for Calgary West Jennifer Pollock had gone off the deep end when she called the Calgary Police racist (see here) but she was only wading in the shallow end of lunacy until now.

Can’t wait to hear how the Canadian loonie left that worship Margaret Atwood will try to defend her coming out against freedom of the press.

Nutbar columnist: Sun Media will lead to “soldiers with guns on Canada’s streets”

In a column even too crazy for the Winnipeg Free Press (apparently), Frances Russell’s writes about how Kory Teneyke’s new media outlet will be run by Stephen Harper:

“The prime minister’s office. In a first-world democracy. Controlling a major media network. We did not make this up.”

Russell then quotes the Toronto Star’s equally nutty Linda McQuaig:

“There’s been a tendency in the Canadian media to dismiss the threat of a Fox News transplant on the grounds Canadians wouldn’t fall for that sort of nasty, right-wing extremism. But that comforting notion may be naïve. If they hear constant sound bites suggesting global warming is a hoax or public health care just doesn’t work, after a while the message starts to seem believable.”

She uses Eric Margolis’ firing as a crack-down on truth-writers that the Sun no longer wants:

“His sin was to continually point out that neither [Iraq and Afghanistan] were ever about “democracy” or liberating hapless women and girls being hacked to death daily for going to work or school, but solely about oil and oil pipelines.”

Russell unbelievably ends where she began in that somehow Sun Media will bring about martial law in Canada:

“It all makes soldiers with guns on Canada’s streets more plausible with every passing day.” (see column here)

Also: Don’t forget which MP’s partner runs where crap like this is common

Liberal caucus meet to “wait and see”

Wow, what a great political strategy that the Liberal brainiacs have come up with for the fall.

Can you imagine the amazing discussions that will be occurring during this Liberal caucus retreat in Nova Scotia:

Lib MP: “So, what’s the plan Iggy?

Iggy: “No plan…”

Lib MP: “Ummm…what do you mean? We don’t have a plan?

Iggy: “Nope, we wait and see” (see here)

How does Kinsella keep getting work?

Has there ever been a political strategist who has been fired or burnt as many bridges as Warren Kinsella? No matter how many times he is proven a loser, he still gets  favourable media coverage though.

The one-time “mastermind” and darling of the Liberal Party is so desperate for exposure and fallen so far, he has taken on Rocco Rossi in the Toronto mayoral campaign who is sitting at 7% in the polls.

Love how Kinsella is so committed to Rossi that he can’t even make the press announcement. (see story here)

Iffy gets uppity again

It’s been almost a year to the day that Liberal leader Michael Igantieff tried untucking his shirt from his underpants and declared “Mr Harper, your time is up” before getting an atomic wedgie from the Canadian public for such lame hubris.

Today, we got this reaction from him when PM Stephen Harper joked after being asked a smarmy question from the media about his impromptu ATV ride:

“That took you right inside the head of Stephen Harper – ‘I make the rules’. Unless I’m seriously mistaken, we make the rules”

Is it something about the end of August that makes Iffy feel his oats? (see story here) Make sure you read at the bottom the reaction to Iffy by one woman:

“She then muttered that Ignatieff ought to go back to the United States”

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