“Gutless” Liberals use business group’s legal game to stall HST petition

The 700,000 name anti-HST petition was formally accepted but Elections BC won’t send it to the Liberal government until the legal case brought by a pro-HST business group is decided. (see column here)

This big-business group is being used by the Liberals to do their dirty work for them by trying to delay the petition process for as long as possible aided by acting Chief Electoral Officer Craig James.  James may want to make his new position permanent and knows how he must act after seeing what happened to the last BC Elections head that displeased the Liberals in regard to the petition (see here).

Update: Campbell denies role in stalling petition here and if you believe that…


Seriously, Iffy…Harper ignores the North?

Liberal leader might want to try another tactic then bleating platitudes about  how little Prime Minister Stephen Harper has done for our Arctic region.

Asked how Iffy would be a better choice:

“Show up, first of all”

Can Iffy tell us which Liberal PM has focused more on the Far North than Harper?

– Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq was the first women from Nunavut appointed to cabinet

– harbour refit project

– held cabinet meeting in Iqualuit and as show of support against European Union trade ban had seal meat put on menu

– sovereignty and infrastructure support

– site of G7 meeting

– NWT park expansion

– state of the art ice-breaker commissioned

Who is advising Iffy to pick this political battle ground with rhetoric like this?:

“My vision of Canada puts Iqaluit not at the edge but at the centre. I think Canadians have a tremendous sense of the centrality of the North to the Canadian experience” (see story here)

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