Iffy and the repetitive word

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has learned a new political catchphrase and he really, really likes it:

“My answer on the coalition is the big red tent. We are the coalition. We are the big, broad inclusive tent that wants to get all Canadians in who want progressive responsible government and that’s the Canadian approach.”

“In fact, the blue tent is a narrow tent, right?. All the other tents are narrow, small tents and what Canadians are looking for is a big tent – I hope it’s a red one – that pulls Canadian regions together, that pulls Canadian people together that says, what can we do together? And that’s the appeal. (see here)


16 Responses to “Iffy and the repetitive word”

  1. Alex Says:

    He’s calling all progressives to him to make his war.

  2. Dave Mathers Says:

    In 2000 Joe Clarke proposed the ‘one big tent”, to include David Orchard within the PC party. It resulted in a “three ring circus”
    Let’s hope Iffy gets the same!

  3. Tuco Says:

    What a goof ball!

  4. Charles Says:

    I like the fact that he keeps saying the Liberals are in the centre, then he goes on to say the Liberals are aligned 100% with what the far left NDP stand for.

  5. Bruce Stewart Says:

    Of course, Google Ads kicked up the best reply to Iffy of all:

    Ads by Google
    Capital Canvas Wall Tents
    Canada’s Best Prices Order now for fall hunting

    How he can put progressive and responsible into the same sentence and look at his caucus is beyond me. I guess we get a number of the first and not enough of the second?

  6. Joanne (BLY) Says:

    I get the impression that somebody told him to talk plain and simple – and he’s taking it to an extreme.

  7. potato Says:

    What he really means is, what can we do together through the central planning of government. His big tent will include all the stupid people who haven’t learned from the myriad of examples that central planning is not only dehumanizing, it simply doesn’t work.

    I wager that Iggy will not have said a single intelligent thing before he resigns as Liberal leader.

  8. Rose Says:

    Good gawd that man get’s on my last nerve, it’s like he gets slightly dumber by the day. Canadian’s are not interested in Liberal slogans, he’s so hopy and changy alas a day late and a dollar short is Iffy.

  9. old white guy Says:

    can anyone spell harvard? f–king brilliant.

  10. Calgary Junkie Says:

    The Pied Piper of Harvard. Gathering all the rats under the big red tent.

    Donolo has to work with what he’s got. And this variation of the Paul Martin strategy in the 2004 campaign, is about all he can count on Iggy to deliver without screwing it up.

  11. johndoe124 Says:

    What if I don’t want to be a part of Iggy’s big tent? Do I have a choice? Of course not. This is pure Liberal sophistry. Getting things done is nothing more than further socialization of Canada. That means you will be forced to be a member of the big red tent whether you like it or not. Whose money do you think you are earning anyway? Your own? Ha Ha Ha Ha! Not once we’ve got you under the tent, buddy.

  12. TangoJuliette Says:


    In Canada we call ’em Teepees, Tipis, Wigwams, Hogans Lodge Houses…etc.


    Who and what does he think he is?
    P.T. Barnum?
    Barnum & Bailey?
    The Ringling Brothers?

    Iffie’s circus ain’t THAT good. It’s just a circus of burned-out carpet-bagging, racist con-men, grifters and boondogglers.



  13. gimbol Says:

    Iggy needs to reconsider what he says is fear about a coalition. We are not afraid of a coalition government, if he thinks its viable why is he not admitting he would do so?
    No the correct feeling is outrage.
    Outrage to find out that while Martin was claiming fiscal prudence on the backs of canadian sacrifice, he was funnelling millions to his boss so Chretch could get his bag man Peltier to buy support in Quebec, and then when caught they wrapped themselves in the flag and claimed they did it to save the country from the separatists.
    Then to put salt on the wound, CHretch’s front man on federalism Dion, as well as the rest of the liberal caucus is ready to cut a back room deal with the same separatists they claim to be fighting against.
    Its outrage that drives us, at a left wing coalition that is alternatively thinking up ways to create new taxes (carbon) and find new interest groups to fund, all the while trying to hide this from the voter.

    Iggy, the tent is full of liberals, and you guys are still equating liberalism with canadian.

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