Liberals had briefing notes on HST months before election

BC Liberal Finance Minister Colin Hansen’s little story about the HST not being on his “radar screen” became a flat-out lie after a FOI request produced this 11 page internal briefing note here.

Instead of coming clean, Hansen denies even reading them:

“It doesn’t look familiar to me. Given everything else that was on my desk at that time, that was not one of the priority items.”

One big problem with that lie is that the internal documents say that Hansen read them:

Assistant deputy minister Glen Armstrong wrote to colleagues on March 18

“We recently sent up a briefing note package to the minister on harmonization. It’s an important piece. Minister has a BN [briefing note].”
“If it [the HST] had been on our radar, and if it was something we were thinking about it, I would have read it.”
Just like a Liberal to keep denying and lying. (see story here)

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  1. Acacia Says:


    Where does one go to vore though…cut them down to size, and pray..ugh! UGH!

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