Media declares Iffy Express a success

You gotta love when the media have their stories pre-written and fill in the details to support them.

– Darrell Bellaart Nanaimo Daily

Equating Iffy mania to the Reform movement of the 80’s in a riding that the Liberals have zero chance of winning.

“What struck me at that Commercial Street gathering was the unabashed support I saw for the leader. While that can be expected whenever a high-ranking party member pays a visit, this time Liberal hope bordered on exhilaration” (see here)

– Babara Yaffe Vancouver Sun

The Liberal caucus is all of a sudden enamored with Iffy

“Michael Ignatieff has emerged as a natural campaigner,” Nova Scotia MP Scott Brison asserted on his blog this week. (see here)

– Don Martin Calgary Herald

Iffy is learning to be one with the people and cites an anonymous Liberal MP to prove it:

“He can actually talk to little old ladies about their bowel conditions now,” (see here)

– Jane Taber Globe and Mail

Iffy has learned politicking dontcha know, just ask CBC pollster Frank Graves:

“It’s quite impressive to learn those skills at his age” (see here)


7 Responses to “Media declares Iffy Express a success”

  1. TangoJuliette Says:

    Ya can’t teach old dogs new tricks, and the recently-arrived dogs are sure that they already know it all.

  2. robins111 Says:

    I was stunned to see Janey Tabor claiming that Iggy was ready to take over as PM and well positioned.

    There wasn’t enough room in the comment section to contain my laughter, but told them to stop, they were hurting me.

  3. Bert Says:

    I saw that on CTV News the other night as well. I’d say, let them continue on thinking that it was a success. When the Liberals inevitably lose the next election, that will make our victory all that much sweeter.

  4. wilson Says:

    Traveling Canada for 7 weeks,
    is no substitute for living in Canada for your entire adult life.

    Shaking the hands of 10k Canadians,
    is no substitute for actual political experience.

    Photo ops and speeches void of substance,
    do not make an appointed inexperienced American import, a PM in waiting.

  5. Marc Says:

    Wow… There was a sold-out crowd of 75 people in Nanaimo… Get out of the way, the Libs are turning things around.

  6. Louise M. Says:

    It’s rather humourous that Iggy has not said one word about correcting the problems of the immigration and refugee system to stop queue jumping and undesirables from coming here, but encourages the best and brightest of our youth to study, live and work in other countries. That’s a blatant disconnect if I’ve ever seen one.

    BTW, did anyone notice when he arrived in Baddeck and got off the bus, his shirt and hair were rumpled, and he had a forlorn look on his face? I can hear him now “look at me, I’ve been working like a dog to get Canadians get to know the Ignatieff that I am”. LOL

  7. Mary T Says:

    How will he explain to his Toronto elites that he has been lying to them for years, he is not an elite, just a rural loving, gun hating, harper hating fool.

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