Anti-SunTV petition signees fraudulent

I’ve been reading prominent Canadian media figures complaining on Twitter that, without their knowledge, their names have been added to the on-line petition to stop SunTV.

You won’t believe who one of them is (see here)

Liberals spent $780,000 on scrapped pro-HST mailer

Being proven incompetent and deceitful (see here) aren’t great attributes when you’re a politician looking for re-election, so you really wonder how BC Liberal Finance Minister Colin Hansen can possibly recover after details are known of yet another debacle of his.

Hansen spent $780,000 ($260,000 on design!) on a HST mail-out that wasn’t even used because it was deemed illegal by Elections BC and would have thrown gas on the fire with angry voters if sent out after the advertising ban.

Any other minister would have been fired by now but since Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell is the one operating the strings on this marionette minister, Hansen will survive until the voters deal with him. (see story here)

Atwood endorsed anti-SunTV petition funded by US billionaire

I always get a kick out of the Canadian Loonie Left who hate all things American unless that thing is named Obama or it helps their anti-Harper cause.

The on-line petition that is currently circulating and endorsed by author Margaret Atwood and Liberals alike (see here) is being financed and run out of the US. You’d think that Maggie et all would stop for a sec and think “jeesh, what is an American based group doing interfering with the Canadian media?” but sadly, you’d be wrong.

Hypocrisy and the Loonie Left… (see story here)

Also: Check out Kelly McParland’s column here where he shreds what’s left of Atwood’s credibility

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