Atwood endorsed anti-SunTV petition funded by US billionaire

I always get a kick out of the Canadian Loonie Left who hate all things American unless that thing is named Obama or it helps their anti-Harper cause.

The on-line petition that is currently circulating and endorsed by author Margaret Atwood and Liberals alike (see here) is being financed and run out of the US. You’d think that Maggie et all would stop for a sec and think “jeesh, what is an American based group doing interfering with the Canadian media?” but sadly, you’d be wrong.

Hypocrisy and the Loonie Left… (see story here)

Also: Check out Kelly McParland’s column here where he shreds what’s left of Atwood’s credibility


13 Responses to “Atwood endorsed anti-SunTV petition funded by US billionaire”

  1. wilson Says:

    I love it when the lunatic left trip over their ‘principles’.
    Freedom of speech , but only if they agree with me’

    ‘…Word is that on a recent Air Canada flight from Ottawa to Toronto, the Liberal leader, his wife and his chief of staff, Peter Donolo, took up the first two rows in executive class and started flapping their gums about the political scene.
    They were completely oblivious to the dapper, 60-something gentleman sitting within earshot in the row behind them. That may yet prove to be a costly error, given the man was Senator Doug Finley, the Conservative campaign director…

  2. Peter Milot Says:

    My oh my, what’s a lefty to do. They already have a publically funded CBC that is for all intents and purposes, the un-official media arm of the progressive left and they are worried about a conservatively oriented and privately funded upstart news channel?
    Freedom of speech has its limits. Right Ms. Atwood?

  3. Martin Says:

    Atwood is usually described as a prominent supporter of PEN. I wonder what their position is on censorship of speech which has yet to occur. Do they, like Atwood, just object to speech they may not agree with?

    • wilson Says:

      I think dear Maggie was one of PEN’s founders,
      and she just made a fool of herself with this rant.

  4. Alberta Girl Says:

    The loonie left would be the first to start screaming from the hilltops if anyone tried to “censor” their freedom of speech.

    As I was told yesterday by one of my leftie friends I took to task for posting this petition, people might start to believe what they are being told and we can’t have that.

    I guess it is OK to believe what the lefties tell you, but anything else is tantamount to mind control. LOL

  5. J Says:

    Let’s not forget it was Margaret Atwood who that she would vote for Gilles Duceppe during the 2008 election … yes, the same separatist Gilles who wants to break up Canada. Never enjoyed her books or poetry during high school and never will.

  6. Thucydides Says:

    But American control of the media and economy s bad, isn’t that right Ms Atwood?

    Cue the crickets

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  8. JohnR Says:

    To her affiliated credit, PEN Canada endorsed the repealing of Sec. 13 of the CHRC in supporting Steyn and MacLeans.

    And yet Margy the PEN member endorses the Bloc while railing against SUN TV’s application for a spot on our airwaves.

    We all agreed that she was entitled to soak up government grants throughout her lifetime in building her career but why do we still indulge her. She is so totally consumed in the misguided belief that Canadians still “need” to hear her guidance, to hear the PC pablum coming out of her best before dated mind.

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