Kady O’Malley and her defense of Avaaz and George Koros

Bit of a pattern starting to emerge or is it just paranoid little ol’ me?

From Kady’s days with Macleans see here, here and here

Then from today see here

Judge deems “public scorn” punishment enough for Dion and Iffy “top” organizer

Apparently public humiliation is equal to jail time according to Judge Robert Higinbotham in sentencing ex-Liberal Party organizer and MP Keith Martin’s riding association president (see here), Jason Walker, for fraud and perjury.

Higinbotham might want to ask the people involved in a custody dispute where he fraudulently gave expert testimony as  “a doctor of forensic and behavioural sciences and medical epidemiologist” what they think of Walker.

Or maybe this judge could ask the people who sought counseling at his phony clinic.

When did “the likelihood of repeating the offense” override the need for punishment? (see story here)

Anti-SunTV petition organizer Avaaz says it’s being deliberately discredited

Parts of Avaaz’s paranoid release:

“There is evidence of a deliberate and illegal effort designed to discredit Avaaz and violate an important form of democratic expression for Canadian citizens. If this is confirmed we will request a full investigation, and help to bring the perpetrators to justice.

It seems likely that the people behind this attack wanted the public to think that Avaaz is a spamming organization. They targeted key journalists in an effort to damage Avaaz’s reputation in the press.

We do not yet have all the facts, but it appears to speak to the poisonous political climate and deeply deceptive tactics that have been bred by the radical right in Canada and its progenitor in the US. It is precisely this kind of bare-knuckled, brazenly deceptive and often hateful political climate that Sun TV’s “Fox News North” appears keen to promote.” (see here)

Also: check out Kory Tenyecke’s response to Margaret Atwood’s endorsement of this petition here

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