Ignatieff and the George Soros connection

I was sent a link to an article written by a member of the LaRouche Youth Movement founded by Lyndon LaRouche which in part reads that:

“Ignatieff is also closely connected to financier George Soros through Project Syndicate, a media network which is funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute”

A quick Google search and you can find an article written by Ignatieff on Project Syndicate’s site here and ones by Soros here.

Soros’ name has been in the news in connection with an on-line petition (see here) by Avaaz trying to muster support to have SunTV banned in Canada.

Sure be nice if someone in the Ottawa Press Gallery would ask Iffy about the connections he had or still has with Soros and what he thinks of Americans influencing Canadian politics with their media censorship agenda.

Also: Check out Ezra Levant’s column on Soros where he details Soros helping the Nazis confiscate Jews’ property and how Soros became a billionaire by ruining ordinary peoples’ retirement funds here

Investigation into how HST documents weren’t given in 2 FOI requests

The BC Privacy Commissioner is looking into how two separate Freedom of Information requests asking for documents on Liberal discussions about the HST came  back empty.

It defies belief that somehow the bureaucracy happened to miss the heavily censored 11-page briefing note that finally surfaced last week (see here) which proves the Liberals lied about the HST not being “on our radar”.

The questions now are how many more documents have been hidden and who directed the cover-up? (see story here)

Star: Harper wearing glasses part of strategy?

Are you flipping kidding me that this was even considered something to report on??!!

The only good response to this trash was:

“I don’t know and I don’t care!” Geoff Norquay, former Harper director of communications, said with incredulous laughter that did not stop until the short conversation was over.” (see here)

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