Reason CBC’s O’Malley is so protective of Avaaz?

Blogger (A Few Figs) sent me this link to a Avaaz petition asking to Save Canada’s Public Broadcasting:

“The Canadian government has refused to provide loans to the CBC to cover its budget shortfall this year.
This is forcing the CBC and Radio Canada to drastically cut over 800 jobs as well as programming.
The CBC is asking for temporary loans amounting to just $6 per Canadian, or less than 2 pennies a day for each of us. We can make this happen, so let’s pull out all the stops to deliver a massive petition to Parliament and Save the CBC!”

Kady ties herself into knots to keep from reporting on Soros and Avaaz

I’ve been following Ezra Levant challenging CBC’s Kady O’Malley to report on the anti-SunTV petition and George Soros’ connections to it and no matter what Levant offers her as evidence, she just keeps moving the goal posts.

Of course absolute proof never stopped her from “reporting” on Avaaz and Soros (see here) when it came to bashing complaints from the Conservatives about 3rd party advertising during an election.

I love watching her try and deflect her obvious biases against a guy like Levant who not only knows how to get someone to paint themselves into a corner but is tenacious going about it.

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