Kady’s attempt at slagging RCMP Commissioner

Kady O’Malley blogs about RCMP Bill Elliott’s choice to wear a RCMP uniform with firearm while in Afghanistan. (see here)

This apparently takes precedent over all other news items that she might be looking into say like Avaaz and George Soros

10 Responses to “Kady’s attempt at slagging RCMP Commissioner”

  1. byng Says:

    this polluted brain tart should be tossed by CBC and her dismal attempts to disguise her leftist bias are an embarrassment. – Why do we hugely subsidize such a network ?

    • Jen Says:

      That is why she works for CBC because CBC is polluted; her rightful place as well as for the OPPOSITION PARTIES.

      How canada and the prime minister and conservatives and innocent canadians and military manage to survive thus far without a media is only a miracle. Thank God.

  2. Ardvark Says:

    I like Kady, but if I were her I would not be taking anymore ‘pointers’ from other CBC.ca correspondents. This is not news, hell it isn’t even fake news, the entire premise of the story is BS.

    BTW you have to love her emphasis about the RCMP commissioner carrying “a sidearm to boot”.

  3. Ardvark Says:

    Also Kady must be pissed at Michaëlle Jean for all that military stuff our GG wears; I can’t wait for tomorrows story on her.

  4. Sean M Says:

    Well, at the risk of repeating myself… Kady O’Munster is an imbecile !

    • Jen Says:

      Since Canada does not have a real national media what do you expect for them like Kady cbc ctv to do during their idle times but create a fairytale story. No wonder outsiders like them alot because they kady and the others can easily be manipulated.

  5. bo Says:

    Kady O’Malley-Just another journaloser.

  6. wilson Says:

    haha, I see Macleans mag got it’s tax payer funding cut nearly in half, to $1.5 million
    prepare for another Wherry,Wells,Coyne rant against the Harper govt

  7. Ardvark Says:

    Today’s bonus: The Globe and Mail ‘lift’ this story from Kady and the CBC without credit, but include a great quote from Liberal Senator Colin Kenny where he calls the RCMP training methods into question.


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