Horrors: Voluntary census stats found to have “significant errors”

Steven Chase of the Globe and Mail tries to flip around the point that a study showing voluntary census information is inaccurate compared to one that is mandatory.

Chase lamely attempts to square all the media and special interest groups’ moaning and groaning on how great and correct the Census is and how Canada will fall apart without it.

“If the [long-form] questionnaire had been a voluntary survey in 2006, the picture of the population of Canada that would have emerged seems to be different for sub groups of the population based on citizenship, visible minority, language and education,” the report said. (see here)

Big surprise…Globe jumps on RCMP Commish slagging

Colin Freeze of the Globe and Mail obviously reads Kady O’Malley at the CBC as he pushes her non-story of RCMP Commissioner Bill Elliott’s uniform wearing in Afghanistan and goes running to oft-quoted Liberal Senator Colin Kenny:

“Frankly, I don’t believe the Bill Elliott could hit the broad side of a barn door if he was called upon to use it”

“If you don’t have sufficient training, it’s likely or possible that you could injure people around you.” (see here)

From my experience talking with RCMP officers, the firearm training is standard to qualify for all Mounties. Kenny is either suggesting that Elliott’s was sub-standard or as blogger Alberta Aardvark points out, he is questioning the overall quality of the RCMP firearm training.

Update: The CBC is now regurgitating this report that regurgitated Kady’s blog but at least quoted:

Linda Duxbury, a Carleton University professor who studies the public service and RCMP, said the attack on Elliott’s decision to wear the uniform and gun feels like a media witch hunt.

“This guy is being advised by somebody who is very, very informed to wear a gun,” Duxbury said. “Who are we in the media or the public to second-guess that?” (see here)

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