Liberals and their relationships with media bigwigs

The Liberals and their media cohorts went ballistic when PM Stephen Harper met with media tycoon Robert Murdoch reporting it as “secret” and somehow nefarious but when a newspaper owner or CEO has strong Liberal ties, we never hear a peep.

Last night for instance, David Black, owner of Black Press which is the largest independently owned newspaper chain in Canada held a BBQ at his estate for the BC Liberals. The only mention I could find of this blatant partisan support came from Public Eye Online (see here), an independent news site run by Sean Holman.

Other examples of Liberal media friends:

Irving family – Almost complete newsprint monopoly in New Brunswick with extremely strong ties to both federal and provincial Liberal parties. Jamie Irving was at the center of the “Wafergate

Ivan Fecan, CEO CTVglobemedia – Well known Liberal fundraiser for Jean Chretien and Paul Martin

Jack Fleischmann, RobTV GM – Oversaw the election advertising for the Liberal Party of Canada

Izzy Asper, Canwest Global – Was close friends with Jean Chretien and Paul Martin. He ran as a Liberal and was leader of Manitoba’s Liberal Party

Don’t expect any Avaaz petitions denouncing this media deal

I certainly won’t be holding my breath waiting for Margaret Atwood and her bath water drinking followers to try to influence the CRTC on BCE buying CTV.

Am I just being paranoid that all the Sun TV hoopla was part of a contrived smokescreen to make sure this deal goes through? (see story here)

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