And right on cue, here comes the Liberal media to defend Davey

Andrew Potter, Macleans:

“So Sun Media is all upset with the Liberals because private citizen Ian Davey called it a newspaper chain for people who can’t read”

Kady O’Malley, CBC:

@kady ..remind me, wasn’t ian davey let go?

11 Responses to “And right on cue, here comes the Liberal media to defend Davey”

  1. paulsstuff Says:

    And yet when former Harper aide Tom Flanagan says anything they can torque against the PM or Conservatives O’Malley and Potter treat it as gospel..

    Funny that….

  2. paulsstuff Says:

    June 2, 2010 8:48 AM |
    By Kady O’Malley
    As teasered in today’s Toronto Star, here’s the full text of the latest insider-y account of internal Conservative Party politics from the PM’s erstwhile senior advisor, the consistently quotable Professor Tom Flanagan, which will be presented at the 2010 Congress of The Humanities and Social Sciences in Montreal later this week:

  3. Bec Says:

    “….remind me, wasn’t ian davey let go?”

    Remind me, MS Kady, was Rahim Jaffer NOT re-elected an MP when an entire group of you went on your 2+month witch hunt?

    If Ian Davey isn’t representative of the Liberal Party of Canada, why is he positioned on a CTV political show with those that are representing their party as strategists?

    Although expected, the continuous double standard represents some shoddy moral standards.

    What a surprise! Hardly…..

  4. Fay Says:

    CBC and MacLeans are very predictable. SAD!

  5. Martin Says:

    You must understand that when Liberals say outrageous things, (think Frank Graves) they are not speaking for Liberals. They are strictly private citizens with no connection whatever with LPC thinking.

  6. Blame Crash Says:

    Duh… remind me dingbat kady.
    Couldn’t you say the same about Rahim Jaffer?
    Your liberal party membership is showing.
    Duh…nice try, but….Fail!

  7. Powell Lucas Says:

    …and most of the left-wing news outlets in this country are designed for people who can’t think!

  8. Blame Crash Says:

    Nice bullzeye Powell!

    That’s why I don’t buy their product anymore!

    The thing is, the more I don’t read their ridiculousness, the smarter I get!

  9. Garfield Says:

    Me like Odawa Sun. It gots nice picshures an me like funnies too. Too mutsh wurds tho. Me like consurvatif party too.

  10. Taber to Davey rescue… « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] continues the Liberal media’s earlier attempts of trying to save Davey although looks to me like he is just digging himself deeper by now flat out […]

  11. real conservative Says:

    So the Sun chain gets a slap in the face by Toronto elite Liberals… what do they expect?? Stop stabbing conservatives in the back to make your masters behind the black curtain happy.. Sun chain and come join with us to defeat the dark side. About time the Sun chain becomes real conservative supporters.

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