Taber to Davey’s rescue…

Taber continues the Liberal media’s earlier attempts of trying to save Davey although looks to me like he is just digging himself deeper by now flat out lying about his illiterate quote:

“My comments were not directed at Sun readers, they were directed at the Sun papers” (see here)

Right out of Bob Rae’s playbook huh?

Globe’s Taber quotes Lib blogger saying Sun “completely distorted Rae’s position”

Jane Taber from the Globe and Mail comes riding to Liberal wannabe leader Bob Rae’s defense over his support of arena funding using a Liberal blogger’s inquiry as proof.

Liberal blogger Jeff Judras:

“I sent Bob a message on Facebook and asked him, did you support funding the Quebec arena as the Sun reported, or urge caution as CTV reported? He replied quite quickly to clear things up.

I urged caution. I never spoke to Sun media. I said Harper needed to understand that this is not a “one off” decision. You can’t just dole out money to a commercial arena in Quebec without understanding the implications for the rest of the country.

So it would seem the Sun completely distorted Rae’s position, and he did not say let’s fund all of them. He said you need to be cautious setting that kind of precedent.” (see here)

It’s not like Bob Rae has been caught telling bold-faced lies before, say like on whether Iffy signed the coalition agreement. (see here)

Peter C Newman and his lame Iffy umbrella test

You just know a political writer’s best-before date has long expired when he dredges up Trudeau and Mulroney era memories comparing the public’s reactions of them to that of  Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.

Does Newman seriously want to try to compare the crowd responses during Trudeau Mania or when Mulroney broke the record with the 211 seat win in 84′ to the 20 or so people who showed up to hear Iffy? (see here)

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