Globe’s Taber quotes Lib blogger saying Sun “completely distorted Rae’s position”

Jane Taber from the Globe and Mail comes riding to Liberal wannabe leader Bob Rae’s defense over his support of arena funding using a Liberal blogger’s inquiry as proof.

Liberal blogger Jeff Judras:

“I sent Bob a message on Facebook and asked him, did you support funding the Quebec arena as the Sun reported, or urge caution as CTV reported? He replied quite quickly to clear things up.

I urged caution. I never spoke to Sun media. I said Harper needed to understand that this is not a “one off” decision. You can’t just dole out money to a commercial arena in Quebec without understanding the implications for the rest of the country.

So it would seem the Sun completely distorted Rae’s position, and he did not say let’s fund all of them. He said you need to be cautious setting that kind of precedent.” (see here)

It’s not like Bob Rae has been caught telling bold-faced lies before, say like on whether Iffy signed the coalition agreement. (see here)

6 Responses to “Globe’s Taber quotes Lib blogger saying Sun “completely distorted Rae’s position””

  1. Bec Says:

    He never needed to ‘speak to Sun media’ to be quoted by Sun media.

    At least that’s the way it works for the Conservatives that are ‘quoted’ by the G&M, CTV, CBC etc all the time.

    Or not quoted and just editorialized with complete details left out or dismissed.

    Ya, Bob’s, ‘he did not’ was a classic!

  2. beacher 1 Says:

    It sounds like Rae’s position is the exact same as the PM’s? I am just wondering what is the Iggy’s psoition on the arena and other Quebec Liberal MP’s?

  3. hollinm Says:

    Taber also lied in the column showing the comments of a person who was commenting on the editorial as being part of the editorial. I wrote to her this morning complaining and asking her to fix the lie in the on line version of the paper. We will see if it happens.

  4. wilson Says:

    Haha. Spin it Jane, spin it.
    Quebecers love wishywashy politicians!!!

  5. Mary Hines Says:

    Jane Tabor would defend a “toad” just as long as “it” is liberal… Has she been replaced on Power and Politics yet? I refuse to even turn it on – don’t want to give her one extra rating….to watch her in action defending her favorite liberal party at every move – makes me deathly sick!

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