Peter C Newman and his lame Iffy umbrella test

You just know a political writer’s best-before date has long expired when he dredges up Trudeau and Mulroney era memories comparing the public’s reactions of them to that of  Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.

Does Newman seriously want to try to compare the crowd responses during Trudeau Mania or when Mulroney broke the record with the 211 seat win in 84′ to the 20 or so people who showed up to hear Iffy? (see here)


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  1. Mary T Says:

    Didn’t PMSH recently give a speech in the rain. Think it was at a BBQ. And where was it that about 1000 turned out to hear the PM speak.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I’ve seen two recent pics of Harper talking in front of massive crowds and barely a peep in the media about them

    • Calgary Junkie Says:

      Harper rallies Quebec supporters

      At an outdoor rally in Montreal’s multi-ethnic [on Wed, Sep 1st]suburb of Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Harper told hundreds of supporters that the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois could align themselves to force a vote.

      Already campaigning

      The colour scheme was white and grey among the 1,000 or so who gathered under tents to hear Harper rally the troops [in London, Sep 2nd] for an election date that doesn’t yet exist.

  2. greenleaf Says:

    Mary that speech was in London, Ontario, and yes it poured rain when we arrived, but cleared before he spoke. At least 1000 attended. He gave an excellent speech and not a word of it in the media or usual lieberal rags.

  3. R HAY Says:

    Last Thursday the PM spoke to a crowd estimated at 500 at a BBQ in Keith Martin’s Victoria area riding. Again in the pouring rain. We were there, and it was a great event.

  4. Michael Harkov Says:

    “I’m up against the most uncivil and ruthless government in the history of the country,” he swore through clenched teeth.”

    LOL and how would YOU know Iffy, you were away from it for msot of your life. WE were here and know better.

    “Am I angry? You bet I’m angry. But I hope it’s—you know—don’t get mad, get even.”

    You’re Time Is Up II

    Michael Ignatieff is no longer seeking redemption; now he wants revenge.

    Revenge. REVEEEEEEEEEEENGEEEEE I tell you! What a joke. Peter Newmen so needs to retire with Craig Oliver.

  5. beacher 1 Says:

    The PM drew 500- 600 here in Ajax in the summer, while in Ajax during the bus tour MP Holland and Iggy drew maybe 70 and about 30 or more came off of the bus and this is Holland’s riding.

  6. Dave Mathers Says:

    On Thursday the 9th Sept- Steven Harper addressed 1100 people , here in Saskatoon. It was a multi- age as well as a multi-ethnic audience..

  7. real conservative Says:

    Hey Peter that French artiste peon’ socialista uniform schicht is getting boring.

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