Taber to Davey’s rescue…

Taber continues the Liberal media’s earlier attempts of trying to save Davey although looks to me like he is just digging himself deeper by now flat out lying about his illiterate quote:

“My comments were not directed at Sun readers, they were directed at the Sun papers” (see here)

Right out of Bob Rae’s playbook huh?

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  1. wilson Says:

    “It was once said about the Toronto Sun that it’s a newspaper for people who can’t read. “And I think that probably applies to the whole chain.”

    the entire Sun chain is for people who can’t read,
    we get it Davy, you can not spin it away.

  2. Acacia Says:

    Surprising how much alike the two look- Ignatief and this open-minded Ian Davey.

    This comment about Sun’s readers slipped out *really smoothly* off the tongue, as though it has been said a number of times in those other quarters.

    But most people would know this is how Ignatief’s camp views a good deal of us.

    The fallout numbers will prove momentarily interesting.

    Taber’s comments on Pelosi were kind of revealing, too. Clickety-click.

  3. Sean M Says:

    Liberals, like Davey just can’t keep their contempt for Canadians to themselves, it always slips out, followed by the usual suspects in the liberal media (Kady O’Munster) attempting to explain it away. If we don’t vote for, or support the Liberal/Separatist party agenda, it’s not because we’re ideologically opposed to their big Government corruption, tribalism, divide and conquer agenda, it’s because we’re illiterate and to busy spending our money on “beer and popcorn”. In the warped minds of Librano$, if we don’t worship at the alter of Pierre Turdo than we’re somehow less Canadian.

  4. real conservative Says:

    What is really funny is that the Toronto Sun has sounded a lot like the Toronto Star the past month in terms of articles and editorials criticizing both Harper and Mayoral hopeful Rob Ford. I haven’t see them slagging Hudak yet but maybe I missed it. So the big joke is this: the Sun unleashes its LIBERAL reporters to do driveby shootings on conservatives in hopes of ‘winging’ them and then Liberal honchos slam the Sun for being bozos. I’m still laughing here folks. There is the QMI/Sun chains rewards for kissing the butts of Rosedale and Forest Hill in Toronto to make them happy and being slagged for doing it. WHEN WILL THE SUN CHAIN FINALLY DECIDE TO REALLY SUPPORT CONSERVATIVES? Instead of this half hearted effort they now engage in.

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