Anyone shocked that Margolis is a Truther?

I mean, come on…the only thing that would be surprising to me is that there wasn’t at least a half-dozen more MSM columnists who espouse this loony theory. (see here)

Avaaz laughingly wants police investigation

Take a big guess who is reporting that Avaaz is seeking a police investigation into who used phony names to sign-up on their anti-Sun TV petition.

Check out the childish press release Ricken Patel put out here.

“This is how big corporate power tries to silence people’s voices, with smear campaigns and expensive lawyers”

CBC makes huge stretch with NRA/Long-Gun Registry “story”

The CBC uses a quote from 2001 by a Canadian gun lobby group executive and an infomercial made in 2000 by the National Rifle Association as some sort of nefarious scheme of bad Americans involving themselves in a Canadian issue.

There’s no way that the CBC is using those lame examples and a visit to Canada 10 years ago by Charlton Heston to try and influence the upcoming vote on the Long-Gun Registry right? (see story here)

Funny how this has the CBC all freaked out but not a peep was heard (except in defense) when there were American’s trying to censor Sun TV.

Update: Brian Lilley makes fun of the CBC about this 10 year old item and the torqued way they did it and that they have “reported” on this before (see here)

Update: Michael Petrou heaps more scorn on the CBC here and the Maclean Liberal commentators aren’t happy as they are too used to Wherry and Potter now to have to deal with any critical thinking

Update: Andrew Coyne pushes a quote from David McGuinty praising Democratic Nancy Pelosi’s influencing Canadian politics back in his face here

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